4 Ways to Celebrate Your Introvert Freedom


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4 Ways to Celebrate Your Introvert Freedom

With the spirit of the July 4th holiday we are celebrating in the USA, it got me wondering, how is an introvert free?
Are we free from something or free to something?

The holiday is all about independence and freedom, but the political nature of freedom is a topic for a different blog. While researching freedom, it became evident this is a huge topic. What Price Freedom,a blog post by Julia Barnickle, states people when asked to identify their top value will mostly say, freedom.

In looking at my list of top five values while I didn’t find the particular word, it is evident my values center around freedom.

It just might be true that in some way, we all value freedom.

4 Ways to Celebrate Your Introvert Freedom

Freedom from stereotypes4-Ways-to-Celebrate-Your-Introvert-Freedom

Avoiding stereostyping is an empowering position for an introvert in particular because of how many people think of being more introverted. So much gets said or written about us that is what is wrong with us. The myths and incorrect statements infuriating to me. Most often these are just plain falsehoods! For example, people often say we are shy.

Wake up America! Listen up world.

There are shy extroverts just as there as shy introverts. Introverts make just as good, if not better public speakers than extroverts. Counting the many misnomers on one hand cannot be done.

We’re all independent individuals so let’s stop the introvert stereotypes, often incorrect, and give ourselves a chance.

Freedom to be ourselves


CC BY-SA by angermann

Stop trying to please everyone. It’s impossible anyregardless. I know this first hand. Trying to do this is exhausting and as someone more introverted, we need to avoid what we can to reserve and preserve our energy.

Stop comparing yourself to others. I often say in comparing ourselves to others, someone always either comes up short or comes up on top.

While it’s natural to compare, it’s counter-productive.

If you can’t let go of comparing then at least, only compare yourself to yourself: something like, where are you regarding your goals and aspirations this year compared to last year?

Freedom from worry

CC BY by Bana gurl

So many of us worry. Worrying has little to do with type preferences although it could be because we are in our head so much that the most introverted worry more.

Let’s remember to live in the present. What’s that expression, the past is gone, the future isn’t here, and all we have is the present.

If you find yourself worrying in the present, refocus. First, pay attention to your breath. Focus on that as if it is the only thing you know for certain because it is!

Then refocus on something that makes you feel happy, loved, and peaceful or some other positive emotion. What I find when I do this is that the worry, well, it just dissipates.

The following freedom can be helpful to any of us, regardless more introvert or extrovert.

Freedom to say no 4-Ways-to-Celebrate-Your-Introvert-Freedom

We often cause ourselves a lot of stress when we feel obligated to say yes to everyone all the time. We feel as though saying “no” is rude. But we all have a limited number of hours in the day, and we can’t do everything we’re asked.

Try offering alternative solutions, or even just saying you can’t do it right now. Yes, it’s direct, but you probably feel worse saying it than the recipient feels hearing it (as long as you say it nicely!)

Instead, just be kind and loving first, to yourself, and then, to others. If someone has issues, that is their problem.

Saying no may be more important today in the information overload era. When we try to take in more than our brain can process, we can have a frazzled brain and loss of energy.

Some ways to reduce information overload in your life include: subscribing to fewer magazines/ blogs (but keep your subscription to mine!), checking emails fewer times a day, going tech-free on certain days, not multi-tasking, and setting time limits for casual reading/ internet browsing.

Maybe freedom is an illusion. My research came up with this though several times. There may be truth in the fantasy concept in looking back at this preliminary list of possible elements of freedom.

At least these specific freedoms can be in our mind to a great extent.

This holiday weekend, even if you don’t celebrate it, consider how much you value freedom, then decide what you want to be free from or free to. Start to free yourself.

P.S. My son is becoming quite the photographer. He took this fireworks picture last year.

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4 Ways to Celebrate Your Introvert Freedom

What is freedom to you?

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  1. Everything you mention here applies to extroverts as well, Patricia.

    One of the worst things any human being can do is to always compare him/herself with others. You are you and if you lose your personality you will become really boring. All interesting people are different and thankfully we have the freedom to be ourselves. Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone was the same:-)
    Catarina recently posted…Public relations – how to make your business well knownMy Profile

  2. This is a great post for the 4th of July weekend, Patricia. I love that you mentioned freedom from worry. The quote you mentioned, “the past is gone, the future isn’t here, and all we have is the present.” is one of my favorite quotes. Reading quotes like this helps me stay present and look outside of myself..
    Sabrina Quairoli recently posted…How To Respond Quickly In Facebook MessagesMy Profile

  3. Very cool (and wise) look at freedom on a personal level. I agree with Catarina that it applies to extroverts as well as introverts.
    Donna Janke recently posted…Fathom Travel: Making an Impact in the Dominican RepublicMy Profile

  4. Thank you for your timely post Patricia. You describe introverts very precisely. I am a thinker (too much of a thinker), I ponder too much on what others think of me. I have been known to compare myself to others which is dangerous; you either have an inflated or deflated opinion of yourself.

    Introverts are often boxed in. People think they have you sussed. I was seen as non-courageous and dainty by friends when in fact a side of me is rather daring – always has been. On doing anything outside of what they expected – they appeared confused.
    Phoenicia recently posted…Disappointments will come – what are your coping strategies?My Profile

  5. Great post, Pat. And Yes, I agree with others who have said that this post applies equally to introverts and extroverts. It is indeed important for us to say NO when we are feeling too pressured. Today’s world can be so overwhelming with people bidding for our time and resources from all angles!
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted…chocolate travel explainedMy Profile

  6. Jeannette Paladino

    Ditto about introverts and extroverts. I’ve reached the age where I treasure every day. As they say in the theater, “be in the moment.” Live for today. While freedom is extremely important, I think the most basic human need is feeling safe. You can’t be free if you don’t feel safe.

    • Jeannette, the being free – whether it’s free to or free from or free of – they can help us feel safe. Freedom and safety work in tandem. For example, we may feel safe to speak our mind only until some whacko acts or speaks in a way that can undermine our feel of that freedom. At that point, at that very moment, as you have said, “be in that moment,” we have a choice. One choice is to let that whacko take away that freedom. Another choice is to know it’s just ONE moment and one person a little off, and move forward.

      May be food for thought for a future blog post Jeannette! Thanks always.
      Patricia Weber recently posted…9 worst people for introverts to be with in elevators #infographicMy Profile

  7. Reading this, and being the 4th made me think of Roosevelt’s four freedoms. 1.Freedom of speech
    2.Freedom of worship 3.Freedom from want 4.Freedom from fear. Basically, these and the others you listed are what we all want, if we are introverts or those dreaded extroverts; I guess they deserve them too (just don’t tell them).

  8. I love this! Such an interesting take on ‘freedom’ with the 4th of July just passed. I love that you made it more than about just being free in America, but about being free from things we face every day (and not even realizing it in some circumstances). We often take freedom for granted, but it’s something we should appreciate in our day to day lives, too. Great post!

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