5 Top Weekly Blog posts, week 9, from #Introvert Inspirer


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With the wealth of articles and blog posts, it’s impossible to read everything of interest within the time dedicated to these findings.

But, fortunately, some things on the Internet are still free.

In a coaching ezine I have been receiving for at least five years, something caught my eyes in their notification that their ezine would no longer continue to be free.

Years ago almost everything online was free. Today, commercialization and advertising dominate.

Except for blogs mostly, I’d say this is reality. Likely that could be interesting reading for one or more blog posts.

Here’s what I found of interest this week. And truthfully, not too much of added value in the introvert realm.


5 Top Weekly Blog posts, week 9, from #Introvert Inspirer


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How to Make #Introvert Traveling the Best Experience

Recently my family and I traveled to Italy, Germany and Luxembourg. This trip was my husband and my first time to holiday with our son and his family.

I often hear about how traveling with friends and family is not all that good for the more introverted. That was not my finding at all.

We had a magnificent family vacation, and I have to believe it would be the same wherever we might do so again.

How to Make #Introvert Traveling the Best Experience

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5 Top Weekly Blog posts, week 8, from #Introvert Inspirer

In working to email inbox zero (I am so excited to be working on this habit) one of my intentions is for me to get only the best blog posts. That would mean sharing with you the more highly valuable.

Here is what has come across since I’ve been back from my Europe travels. And yes, I have a blog post simmering for part of those experiences.

Now …

5 Top Weekly Blog posts, week 8, from #Introvert Inspirer

Starting with:

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What Introvert Assets Are Like Your Femur Bones?

introvert-femur-boneIn a LinkedIn post, Are You Using Your Introversion As Your Achilles Heel Or An Excuse? the point of the analogy was to avoid making excuses for being more of an introvert. It’s not a weakness at all to be more introverted.

If you’re not using your introversion as an excuse or find it to be your Achilles Heel, bravo!

Now let’s compare the reality that is, your introversion is your strongest asset. It’s like your femur bone.

Many authorities claim the femur bone, the only bone in the thigh, is the longest and strongest bone in the human body. Just as this is with the body, my thinking is that our introversion is our strongest personality preference on its own and weighed in with who we are overall.

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Introvert: Are Your Tendencies or You in Charge?

Are you guilty of using your introversion as your Achilles heel or an excuse for not doing something?

Most recently I published a post on LinkedIn about why we might be better off not knowing we are more introverted.

Then my thinking continued to how to use what we know to be true of us to create our reality.

Stated another way, people tend to create their outer world because it’s how thoughts and feelings bounce around inside of them.

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