Power Up to Profits – A Book to Boost Your Marketing Energy

Those beautiful butterflies are somewhat a symbol of this! They fascinate me lately because of them flitting and fluttering around our butterfly bush.

Butterflies are continually transforming: from birth as an egg, to being a caterpillar, to cocooning and to becoming a butterfly.

If you want to transform your business, why not, like the butterfly, accept each stage as a necessary step to your vision? Then you might be able to know that something more full for you lies ahead.

Recently I took advantage of downloading two free chapters of Kathleen Gage’s new book, Power Up for Profits: The Smart Women’s Guide to Online Marketing. It actually would work for men as well.

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If you keep your focus on your vision you will have the energy to keep moving forward. Kathleen Gage

On page 25, in the middle of recalling her experiences of being a caretaker for her mother after her father passed away, Kathleen reminds us that regardless of the difficulties you might be having now, the way to keep your energy – your whole energy to move forward – is to keep your focus on your vision.

It reminds me of the butterfly, going through some, well, pretty ugly stages to finally emerge beautifully.

Her message also resonated with me for where I sometimes am in my feelings: I’m taking “all the right steps,” but have a pattern of quite often winding up stuck because I’ve sabotaged myself.

Can you relate to that? YOU keep doing something to stop yourself from emerging.

For me it often helps at those times to get a different perspective anyway I can – a coach, read something inspirational, tap into a mastermind group.

Anyway, a message in Power Up for Profits is that so many people still struggle with the what and the how of marketing.

Why? Because there are so many mixed messages out there from so-called experts. People who claim to know what to do but if you were to pull back the curtain you would be shocked at how little they have accomplished.

No wonder I often feel both overwhelmed and confused.

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this book when it finally comes out. In the meantime, I’ll reread these two chapters.

You may want to plug in to either the two free chapters, or, if you are done being like a caterpillar and are like me, tired of the information overload, she’s also got some short (thankfully) videos out too, The Fastest Route to Building a Profitable Business.

I’m finished with the caterpillar stage.

What about you?

Do you see yourself as being in any stage of the emergence of a butterfly?

What stage are you in?

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