Contest for 8 Best Blog Posts about Hashtagify #Hashtag Secrets

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti /

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti /

Hashtags, words we use to label and search social media, are like keywords. If you are still work  only with keywords, then it’s time to understand what is more typical in many social media users hands and that is hashtags.

Most of the major social media platforms use hashtags: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are a few where the use of hashtags can help you be more findable.

But just like we might analyze the right key words, a similar understanding of hashtags will help increase visitors to your blog or website.

Here is how and where you get to learn from the best analysis of eight selected bloggers who revealed their use of one particularly advanced hashtag tool.[Continue Reading...]

Make Your List: People Who Lead Introvert Conversations on Twitter

Often when I blog or write a chapter for a book, I use lists. On Twitter one of the lists I created and follow is named, innie-talk,, of people who lead introvert conversations on Twitter.

For the most part, people love to use and write lists. On occasion as you may know I have used to create various lists like:

Quotations and funny sayings to make any introvert proud

Introvert Video Arcade: For, By and About #Introverts

This week one of the co-founders of, Nick Kellet, asked me to consider pulling one of my Twitter lists into during their Beta test. Huh? I was curious about why, and asked what would be the benefit.[Continue Reading...]

How to Write and Submit Guest Blog Posts that Get Results


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In the early days of hosting my blog, when I would occasionally yet blindly accept guest blog posts, both the writer and I deserved what we got: dismal results. How to write and submit guest blog posts that get results points to some mistakes we want to avoid.

When I started thinking about some top points, it came to me that being a welcome guest blogger follows some of the same rules we likely put to our own writing for the blog that we host! [Continue Reading...]

Podcast Fun: Your Love of Social Media Communication Can Help You Face To Face


Is there anyone you know these days who is not wired, almost tethered, to online social media? Only a handful of people come to my mind.


But another issue is how do you take what you are learning about being social online and translate it to what some call, in real life?


Have you been using online social media to the fullest?


Do you ever put on a different face online than in person?


What myths do many people erroneously believe about introverts? And just how bad can that be?


Social media or IRL, in real life, can make you shrink back from yourself. But your own body language can change your brain in just two minutes. Huh?[Continue Reading...]

The Marketing Playing Field Has Leveled Part 2

power-up-profits-kathleen-gageYou Need a Presence

According to a recent study by Cone Business in Social Media, “93% of Americans believe that a company should have a presence on social media sites and 85% believe that these companies should use these services to interact with consumers.”

To get the most out of your efforts think in terms of how you can contribute and establish yourself as a reliable resource. Focus on networking, building relationships, and holding conversations. Social media and social networking are simply global approaches to connecting with people. Be a resource rather than a vendor. Have a unique message.

A Global Reach Is Very Attainable
Social media marketing allows you to have a global reach with a minimum of investment. Solopreneurs used to have very limited market reach. Of course you can invest substantial money, but you don’t need a lot of money to get started. There is an investment of time, but when you consider the return on that investment, it becomes a nonissue.[Continue Reading...]