Top Ten Tips to How to Be More of a Morning Person

Are you more of a morning or night person?

Most of us usually have a strong hunch of our answer to this question.

Early research between 1969 and 1972 discussed findings of introverts having earlier peak times than extroverts. When I recently discovered a new company, Casper Mattress, who are all about providing the best night sleep and they strive to be morning people, I got curious about my own morning person habits as well as what works in general. 

On face value, it seemed likely to me. My husband who’s more of an extrovert would always have more energy than me after work in our early careers.

For most of this early research, there is usually some age variable, which skewed results more in favor of age instead of personality factors. Often there is a statement about older people needing less sleep than younger people, so rise and shine.

Tell that to either, my 90-year old dad, and my 88-year old mom, and they might disagree. They both love sleeping in and napping during the day.

Being more of a morning person hasn’t changed for me becoming older although you can also find research to the contrary. Funny thing about some research: often we can keep looking for research to find evidence supporting our position.

If you want to be more of a morning person for any reason – be happier, be more productive, have a routine you love to start your day, enjoy the sunrise, or something else, here are

Top Ten Tips to How to Be More of a Morning Person

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Hugging Into Your Next Blog Post Could Be What You Need

My motivation for this post seemed about as low as the day I had to drive our 1970 Chevy Nova on fumes. This low fuel situation is a must when transporting a car for an automobile auction.

But when you are a blogger, you sometimes do have to add fuel from outside yourself.

Let me tell you, I tossed around idea after idea on paper, in my notes, in my meditations and even on a walk in the hot weather we are having.

Maybe introverts and extrovert could agree about certain rules of hug etiquette? But I could be wrong! And that might make for an upcoming post.

Instead, let me tell you:

Hugging Into Your Next Blog Post Could Be What You Needdog-hug


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5 Top Weekly Blog posts, week 11, from #Introvert Inspirer

As I was reviewing these specially selected posts for your consideration my first aha was, “Even though too much coffee affects the introvert brain more than extrovert brain, we might need more for a 30 days straight blogging challenge.”

Two disconnected blog posts meeting point!

So just for fun now.

5 Top Weekly Blog posts, week 11, from #Introvert Inspirer

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Are You Ready for the Benefits of Unplugging?

We’re all so tied up daily with our technology, our screens. There are smartphone texts and social media, computer, tablet, and television.

Do we think of life without them? As an introvert over dependence on these technology tools can get in the way of my preference for a quiet mind.

As much as I’ve discussed with my husband the possibility of us taking a no screen day holiday, just one day, he is not sold.

No computer.

No TV.

No tablets. Book or Kindle allowed.

No SMS on phone — only calls.

I’ve been researching the idea looking for some benefits that communicate, “What’s in it for him.” The ideas are still percolating before I talk with him again about it.

Then I wondered if you …

Are You Ready for the Benefits of Unplugging?

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Shhh …. How the Quiet Revolution is Growing

I learned I was more introverted when I was about 40 years old. I completed the MBTI during a management retreat, and it rated me as an INTJ. My Italian family didn’t believe me although no one likely knew what introverted meant. Family and friends assumed I was a shy but often brassy Italian girl from Long Island.

“Oh dear, this means my sales career is over,” was my first thought.

Seriously, I was close to the top of my game being just promoted to sales manager. I had no idea this was a career path not to be traveled by introverts let alone to be successful in it. Guess those executive recruiters didn’t know much about this at that time?

Discovering my quieter nature explained so much to me. I had a flashback to my Italian family traditions. “That’s it. They were always my encouragers to speak up.” That would likely make for another interesting post about growing up as an Italian, who’s more of an introvert.

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