Get Rid of 5 Monsters Now

monster_houseTrick or treat? Personally I’m tired of doing tricks and am ready for treats. Whether it’s a treat from someone to me, or one I give myself, with Halloween on the calendar it’s time to get rid of 5 monsters now.

Have you ever heard, “When you seek the truth, ask a wise woman?” No that is not me who I’m speaking about, but instead, it’s on the cover of my box of Wisdom of the Crone cards. It’s a gift one of my family members gave to me a few years ago.

Once in a while I lift a card from this deck of 54 cards in addition to any other personal process that day, to help me recharge my energy. Today, was one of those “help me I’m drowning”, I’m in overwhelm, kind of days. Overwhelm is a feeling, that’s it. Most of the time I bring it on or cause it myself.

This Crone deck card is one I’ve read before, and I get it on an intellectual basis: acceptance.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Acceptance.

But maybe because of recent happenings in kind of a haunting way, the words of guidance were, well, haunting.

Here’s how I will get rid of 5 monsters now:

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Brainstorming: Bane Of Most Introverts But Writers Block Tool For Bloggers

“Pass,” is usually my first reply when the first question or problem is posed in a brainstorming session. As an introvert corporate trainer giving workshops about this process, and using it during them, right from the beginning I would make saying “pass” acceptable for everyone.

Maybe you don’t know? Introverts prefer a little time to think things over. That’s why typical brainstorming – fast-paced and heaving breathing – don’t generally work for us getting our best ideas heard upfront.

But what if you want to get some expertise advice for your next blog post because you’re feeling in writer’s block prison? Now there is a brainstorm tool for the introvert who wants to either get ideas, or contribute to helping someone else, on more introverted terms.

Brainstorming: bane of most introverts but writers block tool for bloggers.

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3 Introvert Lessons from National Energy Month and Federal Income Tax

In 1913, on October 3, Federal Income Tax was made law in the USA. At that time it was just 1% to 7% of a person’s income. The song, “Carry me back” comes to mind as a way to avoid my stomach upset.

October also is National Energy Awareness Month in the USA. We’re asked to act in ways showing our awareness of how energy affects our prosperity, security and environment.

Is there any good that can come from the concurrence of these events? There are:

3 Introvert Lessons from National Energy Month and Federal Income Tax

Paying taxes is an energy drainer for me. How about you? I am not asking anything political nor wanting to know the benefits of taxes. This is simply asking do they have any affect on your energy?

introvert_energySometimes I can drive my husband crazy if I want to add something to our life to make wiser use of energy. One year I replaced our nightlights with the kind that come up pretty much at sundown. This year it was our landscape lights. The outdoor light maintenance company sold me on the idea of using LED’s instead of replacing he burned out bulbs with the same kind that usually last only a year. If you regularly add new ways into your life that contribute to wiser use of energy, raise your hand?

While taxes and energy might seem far apart in similarity, it might help to imagine that if you tax your “personal” energy every day where does that leave you as an introvert? Or, if you are an extrovert on the go?

What can you do (or not do) to go from possibly feeling out of control to in control, being regularly taxed physically, mentally, emotionally and bringing your true nature into more of your life?

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Smart Introvert Number One Rule

We are not extroverts.

Sometimes we might forget this, at least this introvert does. But not being more extroverted doesn’t mean we can’t engage in and enjoy extroverting activities.

Introvert actions are usually done by one self while extroverting includes others.

Introverting and extroverting include actions as well as preferences or being labels to help us to understand personality differences.

Think about times you spend extroverting in activities like hosting a small dinner party with friends, vacationing someplace new or attending your high school or college football game with a few friends.

Then ask yourself did you enjoy the event?

It would be a safe assumption that for the most part, you did.

But if you were to find yourself in a whirlwind of such extroverting activities, and you were asked the same question, you would probably say you weren’t all that happy about a week long of party after party after party.

Give me a week of quietly interesting activities anytime.

Smart introvert number one rule

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How Do You Get In The Flow When You’re Not In The Flow?

Late last year at a networking event I won three door prizes: 2 restaurant gift cards, one for Mexican and one for sushi, and an over night weekend stay at a local big name hotel. I was waiting for something special to celebrate and then the day was on the calendar.

It was my husband’s birthday and time to cash in on all these gifts.

There’s always more to life than only what we see in any situation. 

How do you get in the flow when you’re not in the flow?

My husband introduced me to the car hobby years ago. Since then we’ve owned a few collector cars and still have just one. The best discovery is car shows provide so much entertainment even when you are down to one collector and two daily drivers.

- First possible turn to move in the flow

Normally at car shows, we spend a minimum of about 90 minutes going through, and walk up and down each aisle. Every so often we stop and “oooo” and “aaahhh” at particular cars catching our attention for one reason or another.[Continue Reading...]