How To Inspire Yourself: Use Quotations And Follow These Easy Steps

When spring has sprung it’s just perfect that online social networking becomes “social.” Maybe it’s because I’m an introvert but one of my pet peeves online is when people connect with me and moments later, or even concurrently, start the in-your-face sales pitch. Recently there was a change of direction of things like this felt like a gentle breeze from Shane Belceto. He is determined to keep as many of us as possible inspired and here’s how.

One of the things you can find all over the internet are quotations. There are quotations that inspire and motivate; others that give you courage and insight. Shane’s new book has that but even more.

The format is a shared quotation along with attribution, which he might have heard from someone or saw shared online. The quotation is followed by encouraging commentary with his own thoughts about it’s meaning. The reason this is so unique is that Shane is, visually impaired. Not that he (nor I) make a big deal about it but just think about it. If you have found inspiration to get you through your own challenge through quotations, and you can share your interpretation of those with others, wouldn’t you think the quotation then becomes more mentally engaging?

But what does that quotation mean? Shane didn’t stop with a commentary. He gives ideas for action steps followed by space enough to write, your own thoughts. Now he’s touched the heart of those of us more introspective: a structure to actually take time to think about something just read or heard.

A while back on my FaceBook someone posed the question, “What is the point of sharing a quotation online?” There may be some truth is that question. Likely on the surface, just a quotation may not inspire you. Yet, when someone is willing to elaborate about how a particular quotation inspires them, it could further trigger your own thinking to more depth about what it means to you.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

That’s one of the quotations in this new book. As you can imagine if you are an introvert, this one resonates with me. Not knowing I was an introvert was likely a blessing for a long time. Then when I learned I was, my goodness, nasty negative myths started to have me questioning myself. Was it true I was anti-social? Could I be aloof? Well I’m here to say the Dr. Seuss is right. It was likely I may have appeared to “be” the myth when I wasn’t being myself and instead was trying to fit in. It’s a much better feeling when I am who I am!

What do you think of quotations? How have any helped your thinking?

If you want to see some of the best, along with a process to help get your best thoughts out of your head and into action, visit Shane’s Facebook page at

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