Make Your List: People Who Lead Introvert Conversations on Twitter

Often when I blog or write a chapter for a book, I use lists. On Twitter one of the lists I created and follow is named, innie-talk, , of people who lead introvert conversations on Twitter.

For the most part, people love to use and write lists. On occasion as you may know I have used to create various lists like:

Quotations and funny sayings to make any introvert proud

Introvert Video Arcade: For, By and About #Introverts

This week one of the co-founders of, Nick Kellet, asked me to consider pulling one of my Twitter lists into during their Beta test. Huh? I was curious about why, and asked what would be the benefit. List Goal:

The goal is to take the enormous task of managing a Twitter list and make it easier. Never being one fully using lists but often watching for content from peeps on them, it seems adding a feature like this can help lots of people.

Lists as Networking Tools:

Kellet says, “People can create (1%), contribute (9%) and consume (90%) with Twitter Lists now.” Lists on Twitter are networking tools. They are how we might discover each other. But finding the lists can be an issue.

Putting them on expands the reach: they get indexed and can be found on Google! Having a Twitter list on “can help people to find each other and to make better lists that more people can contribute and consume,” adds Kellet.

Sort Lists as You Like:

I like that we can change the order of the list, which to my knowledge, we cannot do on Twitter. can sort alphabetically, by the newest item (in this case a peep followed on Twitter) added, even by people like you who visit the list and rank each item with a Vote up or a Vote down!

What about you – do you use How?

Do you use lists?



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  1. Gosh another tool I should look into. That really does sound like it would be helpful. I will have to check it out. Thanks for haring
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Starry Starry Night: Poem (Podcast)My Profile

  2. I do use lists, but had not heard of I’ll have to look into it as a way of finding literary agents and journals that are on Twitter.
    Jeri recently posted…FREE Movie Tickets for Book Lovers: 2nd Annual PollMy Profile

  3. Cheryl Therrien

    I have heard of rd of but don’t know anything about it. I should probably investigate further.
    Cheryl Therrien recently posted…Celebrating LifeMy Profile

  4. Hi Patricia; I am not sure I know what you are talking about here, and i am unsure if i would be able to use the service as a blind computer user running speech. but i appreciate your sharing with us and like to encourage others. looking forward to your next post. take care, max
    maxwell ivey recently posted…Learning from leaders of the amusement industry interview with Troy Powe of Wonder JumpMy Profile

  5. Lyndah Malloy-Glover (

    Hello Patricia,
    I seldom use lists, not even when purchasing groceries. However, I am aware pf and have started a list there. I don’t quite understand how to use site the site or if it will help or me and my practice probably because I have not spent a lot of time there. Suggestions welcomed and thanks for enlightening me about regarding lists (there value) and the introvert community.
    Live in your light!
    Lyndah Malloy-Glover ( recently posted…Miss Simple (homespun wisdom) Says! … “Better days ahead”My Profile

  6. Oksana Frewer

    It looks like a useful tool here, I am going to check it now…I am spreading around digital tools like flu in Autumn 🙂
    Oksana Frewer recently posted…Halo Effect & Devil Effect in web designMy Profile

  7. Have thought about making lists but never got down to it. Why? Because it’s such a lot of work having to go through more than 2,000 followers and divide them into lists that make sense. Have started several times but given up due to the enourmous task:-)
    Catarina recently posted…CSR & Sustainability – capitalism at its bestMy Profile

  8. I’m a terrible list maker and tend to forget that I’ve even made a list. I hadn’t heard of, but I’ll take a look.

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