Publisher and author: editing relationship of one introvert

introvert-publishing-a-bookMy experience with my publisher as the author may be different than others. Right now and for a good deal over the next months it’s a perspective of an editing relationship of this one introvert.

My intention in sharing this process with you is to help you know some ins and outs, ups and downs, do’s and don’ts if you either find a publisher or have one approach you to write a book.

You are asking me the questions! So keep bringing them on!

It is a refreshing and enriching relationship. My contact so far is with two different editors: they are cordial, they are accessible even though we have a 5 hour time zone difference and I continue to grow in understanding of cultural differences through email.

For me the experience and relationship better be good and better. Here’s why. 

Are you locked into this publisher now?

When I got married to my husband I intended it to be forever. So far it’s been several decades. You know I don’t like showing my age so no specificity here! It is a similar commitment with me for this book. The publisher did after all propose to me. Contractually how locked in we are is covered, for better or for worst.

If for any reason I cannot deliver, while the contract is terminated, I will not be able to just take the book anywhere. They have first right of refusal, or re-refusal as it may be.

My invitation to publish arrived with a topic the publisher had in mind. While it was a topic I could write about with authority, for me it couldn’t yield a book. Not only did I know I might not have my interest for 200 pages, for me it was would it interest my tribe enough?

 Are you given a topic?

Someone asked how did I build a tribe. It was in my mind a short answer. Turns out not the case so I will make that first half of next Friday’s blog post. But in relation to finding the interest of my tribe:

I emailed my list, used a poll on my blog, tweeted my polls and put polls on select introvert groups I am in on LinkedIn. My instinct was correct. There were other topics of more interest.

With evidence supporting my opinion, I emailed my thoughts for a different and broader topic.

The publisher liked it. Here I am now as I blog this post, writing Chapter 3 in of a working title of, Communication Toolkit for Introverts: Top Skills for Everyday Business Situations. There are six key skills included as well as what I call, innate foundational skills and one central skill, which has to be heightened in many introverts, if not many people.

Next Friday?

How did you build a tribe?

Have they given you a timeline?

How do you and are you disciplining yourself to write a certain amount each day. What is your process?


If you have worked with a publisher, how was your relationship?

Did they give you a topic or did you pitch them one? Did they take it like you offered or was it changed?

We are listening to your answers with interest!

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  1. Great piece, Pat. Your moving along in your book. Keep up the good work. Although you seem somewhat conflicted, you’re nearing the end of the tunnel.

  2. Cheryl Therrien

    I am loving this walk through with you. It helps those of us still looking for a publisher. 🙂
    Cheryl Therrien recently posted…Herbs For Health: EchinaceaMy Profile

    • Patricia Weber

      And I am energized to write because of the questions I get Cheryl. They give me pause to think about this positive publishing experience. Thanks.

  3. I love watching about your journey and your process. It is
    an inspiration to me as I stick my big toe in the large pol of
    self-published. Who knows, I may say someday say how I knew you
    back when. I would love that.
    Susan P Cooper recently posted…Easy Chicken Vegetable Soup: RecipeMy Profile

  4. Great idea to find out from your tribe what they would find interesting to read about, Pat.
    Catarina recently posted…Who’s the CEO of Twitter?My Profile

  5. Jeannette Paladino

    Pat — This has been a fascinating process to watch. You would think the publisher would have done its own research into the audience you’re writing for regarding their wants/needs. You were so smart to do that preliminary research yourself to tap into that audience directly first before you started to write. The publisher obviously agreed with you. This is a lesson for all of us — what do our readers want to read about?
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…Why You Should Edit the Headlines in Your LinkedIn DiscussionsMy Profile

  6. I can only hope a publisher will take interest in my novel when I’m reading to pitch it again. To me that’s where some of the real excitement of being a writer comes on. I want feedback on possible ways to revise my novel to make it better and more marketable. I think a lot of self-published material skips that step.
    Jeri recently posted…Banned Books: What is age appropriate literature?My Profile

  7. Patricia- I don’t plan to publish anything but I think it is interesting to understand the process. Where are you located that you are in a 5 hour time zone? Is your publisher overseas?
    Do you have a deadline you need to meet? Is it realistic?
    Arleen recently posted…Business Innovation is Our ForteMy Profile

  8. Jacqueline Gum (Jacquie)

    This is interesting to see unfold, as a novelist myself. I also am involved with Where Writers Win ( which is a resource site for authors and writers. As this industry evolves, it has become apparent that in addition to being a writer, you have to take great care to become aware and savvy about the business of writing, too. The buzz word with literary agents is now “collaborative” which is code for the writer doing a great deal of the work that now understaffed publishers used to do. Of great interest to me are the new hybrid publishers that share costs and marketing/distribution responsibilities, but actually vet their work, which self-publishing does not do.
    Jacqueline Gum (Jacquie) recently posted…Kiwis and Lemons… Where’s The Justice?My Profile

  9. As always I enjoy these posts. Although it may seem like a straight forward activity, editing can be very personal. I can imagine that there must be a fair bit of give and take to make this work to everyone’s satisfaction.
    Debra Yearwood recently posted…7 Tips on Finding BalanceMy Profile

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