Do you hate to sell, or get energized by cold calling?

– What is your natural tendency when it comes to networking, schmoozing and sales?

– Think back to when you lost a sale. What best describes how you cope?

– When you have a proposal to present, or presentation to make in front of people, what best describes you?

– Follow-up is a necessary part of sales. What is the way you follow-up?

– When you are in a sales slump, how do you help yourself?

Take just 2 minutes to get honest with yourself when you answer this quick survey.

After you share your confidential answers, enjoy my gift – 9 audios with 3 accompanying worksheets ABOUT overcoming the top networking reluctance beliefs – at the end of the five (5) questions. Go to Sales Reluctance Survey for Introverts, Shy and Reluctant. now.

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Coaching since 1992; 20 years experience sales and 7 years experience management; DiSC Authorized Distributor since 1992; NLP Certification in 1994; Certified Teleclass Leader and 2006 Graduate Coach of Coachville.

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