What's the chance you will stick to your goals, resolutions or intentions!

Did you set New Years resolutions for yourself? Or maybe you opted for goals or intentions this year? My choice for the second year in a row is a mantra. It’s written down on a post it note and I see it everyday.

Regardless of the direction you took, how much stickability do your goals, resolutions or intentions, have for you?

Most goal setting research focuses on how productive and effective individuals are in an organizational setting. The infographic below tells a great story about most people and goals or resolutions. Interesting to me, is that all these goals are ones I might have set in the past but, they are not relevant for me now. And, except for one which was never a goal to begin with, at one time or another, those goals were achieved.

This infographic succinctly illustrates why if you have set goals this year, it’s important to commit to them.

Attribution to OnlineEducation.net With This Graphic Setting Goals Infographic


Whether you are considering a new year goal or a life long goal, how do you think you are doing? Put aside the survey findings for just a moment and if you are willing to say, how do you believe you are doing with your goals, resolutions or intentions this year?

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  1. Interesting question Pat. Personally stick to my goals. When I don’t it’s because something that is , or seems to be, better comes up. Should add that I set realistic goals:-)
    Catarina recently posted…Should women be as ambitious as men?My Profile

  2. Geek Girl

    I think too many people set goals that are not really goals. If you say you want to lose weight, there needs to be something in place that actually helps you work toward that goal. I am not referring to fad diets here. If you want to lose weight, it usually involves a lifestyle change. How many are willing to make that change? I think a more realistic goal would be something you can actually achieve. Writing it down like plan is probably the best way to do it. It is tangible and sitting in front of you. Long winded answer. LOL
    Geek Girl recently posted…Author Interview – Cheryl BradshawMy Profile

  3. Catarina, bravo! Looks like you fall in that elite 8%.

  4. Susan, yep. Doubt a complete plan could be held in the mind long!

  5. Geek Girl, in particular that surge of goal setting excitement often hits many in a New Year. Better to be – as you and Catarina say – realistic.

  6. I think it’s significant that the ones who achieved a greater success are the ones who wrote down their goal/goals. That indicates a plan of some kind. There is something to be said for a written commitment to ourselves. Loved the infographic. 🙂
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Pretzel Crisps! From Snack Factory: Product ReviewMy Profile

  7. That infographic is awesome. The story at the end though is apparently an urban myth … there was no such study ever done (at Harvard or anywhere else!).

    That being said, I find that writing my goals down, and reading over them every day makes me much more focused on achieving them – and they are more likely to come to fruition.
    Meg recently posted…Strategies for successMy Profile

  8. My three New Year’s resolutions every year are: no more coulda, shoulda, wouldas, stay fit, and have fun. The first is hard because you can’t control negative thoughts popping into your head “If only I had (fill in the blank), but you can banish them by remembering your promise to yourself. Stay fit – I have to lose a few pounds after the holidays but they will come off because of my promise to myself. I’m always having fun, so no problem there!
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…How to Add Your Contact Information to LinkedIn’s New Profile TemplateMy Profile

  9. I’m on a similar track as you this year Jeannette: I can, I will, I do, I intend. Thanks.

  10. Good point Meg. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. It’s pretty well documented that there was not such a goal study done.

  11. Rob that a great question.

    Goals are inspired – they come from within. But a few ideas come to mind about how to get that inspiration.

    Start hanging around with people who have goals. You’ll hear them talk about theirs. Maybe that will light a flame in you.

    Set just a small goal. You don’t have to go for, a six digit income your first time out! You have a greater chance for success with something more manageable. You’ll want that to inspire you.

    I’m big on rewards: reward yourself the first time you set and achieve a goal no matter it’s size.

    Then start again until you find yourself – inspired with thinking of goals.

  12. Great post and infographic. I’m convinced that goal setting works and is beneficial. Mantras and goals written down somewhere special work even more. But what about the people who have no goals – how do you inspire someone to think of goals?
    Rob Cubbon recently posted…Why Falling In Love SucksMy Profile

  13. Patricia, great answer. Thank you 🙂
    Rob Cubbon recently posted…The Benefits of MeditationMy Profile

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