Top Ten 2012 Introvert Blog Posts

It didn’t start with Dave Letterman and it won’t be ending any time soon. Today there seems to be a top ten list for everything. Why not use the beginning of the year to post a Top Ten List, of whatever you want? No one list is likely going to be the same.

Here is one of my lists, in no particular order, of what I believe to be my Top Ten 2012 Introvert Blog Posts, created over at

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Do you have a  Top Ten List you would like to share here?

Ten Reasons why Introverts are AWESOME!

When people speak about the awesome introvert, they have my attention. How does this strike you?

Attaching labels to individuals like Introvert and Extrovert may seem somewhat restricting to the amazing Technicolor of unique human characteristics, however, it is beneficial for individuals to be aware of their propensities so that they can capitalize on their strengths, and reduce the impact of or eliminate their weaknesses.

“I thought he was ignoring me. I didn’t realize he was thinking!”
– The mother of an introvert
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If you are an Introvert there may be some negative connotations you, or others have applied to you, such as being anti-social, but there are many positive qualities of this trait that you can embrace and use to your advantage.

Ten reason introverts are awesome are as follows:[Continue Reading…]

Do you blog more like a diesel engine or a bottle rocket?

Blogging is widely thought to be central to any businesses online marketing success. One of the tactics in a blogging strategy is to get followers who comment on and share your blog. This is using OPF, other people’s followers, by sharing just as good content that isn’t your own. In my collaborations with online bloggers I’ve found two main types: the diesel engine and the bottle rocket.

Jeff Foxworthy is credited with saying men are like bottle rockets and women like diesel engines. To clarify, a diesel engine can take a while to warm up but once it’s running, it can be a marathon. Bottle rockets usually are spectacular and fizzle out but so it’s over pretty quickly. Actually regardless of gender, the same types can be found in bloggers: diesel engine or bottle rocket. And there’s a huge difference in the attractiveness of one over the other.[Continue Reading…]

Introverts Who Blog Means a Louder Voice to Help Us All

In 2009 one of my blogposts, 2009: The Year Being and Introvert Became Desirable I recognized then current blogs by introverts. These days there certainly are blogs for introverts, and more happening like from Susan Cain’s explosion on the scene with her TED talk, The Power of Introverts. This was a fabulous piece of her promotion for her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. The internet proves to be a tremendous resource for and about introverts. And who better to dispel misunderstandings about what introversion is than other introverts. Actually, no one can do it better.

I listened with full attention to Cain’s video on TED last month. By her being loud she is helping all professionals who serve introverts. In addition to her inspiring talk, there are many introverts blogging. This helps everyone, introvert and extrovert preference alike. Take your pick of who you want to follow with some blog suggestions below.[Continue Reading…]

Do You Need to Improve Your Credit History As Fast As Possible?

Today is a guest blog post from someone who I met at my favorite conversational networking location, Blitztime. Louise DiSclafani, spotlights how, in today’s economic times, your credit score controls every aspect of your life. Whether your an introvert or extrovert, financial freedom is important to all of us. This is one aspect to getting there.[Continue Reading…]

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