Chat based coaching

Ever wanted to stop putting the same goal on your list time after time?

Or want to stop reading how or what to do about it, and just start doing it!

But what if you have realized you do your best when you have a real human being holding you accountable, every day?

  • Chat with your coach daily
  • Receive personalized advice
  • Only $14.99/week
  • First week free! Use code COACHME


Get coached on is a free platform and with it in your hands you can track your habit change and activities – either online or with one very cool app.

If you like someone with a practical approach, easily doable ideas or someone to bounce ideas around with you for those many New Years resolutions you might have, it’s never to late to get started. My expertise is with the more introverted.

Here are is a summary of what my clients usually say about my more introverted coaching style:

  • Has discernment and necessary insight to help find and overcome the route of procrastination,
  • Helps to look at a situation from a different perspective and then encourage personal decision about which strategies would be best bet and which ones aren’t worth pursuing,
  • Concise and “to the point” style,
  • Leave coaching sessions feeling motivated confident and enthusiastic about getting results

Currently I’m coaching people on the following daily goals:

  • exercise
  • meditate
  • be grateful
  • reduce inbox email count

Every time you complete a task to a new habit, you check in there, and then you get positive reinforcement every day.

Whether you use it as the free platform, or get a real human being like me to help you past the roadblocks, and make sure you quit with those excuses, why not try this accountability coaching?

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