Two Introvert Specific eBooks – Free Previews

1. ~ 9 Free Audios!

Networking Secrets for Sales Reluctance: “How I Overcame Unsuccessful Networking as an Introvert!” Sales reluctance can hit salespeople at any point in selling. Introverts in particular have innate strengths that can help us to be more successful, influential and effective.

Here’s how you can increase your sales by at least 20% to 30% more easily and quickly, being just who you are.

2. ~ Free 32 page excerpt!

“The Happy and Fulfilled Introvert: I show you how to make this a reality.” Here’s your guide to how you can: – Once and for all demolish any devastating doubts and discover your true worth. – Feel good about who you are, rather than wasting your time to become an extrovert. – Be happier at work and in your personal life. Finally, the truth about introverts to let the negative myths easily dissolve.

Sales Reluctant – Introvert or Extrovert – Free Preview

3. ~ Free 25 page excerpt!

“How to Steadily Turn Prospects Into Customers: Taking the Mystery Out of Follow-up Reluctance and Enjoy Your Work” Without follow-up, 80% of sales is left to your competitors! 80% to 90% of business owners and salespeople don’t follow-up at all. And yet, 80% of sales happen AFTER the 12 contact. Learn easily and quickly how to go from collecting business cards to a 30% to 100% increase in sales and, without going to ONE more networking event (if as an introvert that is your preference!)

Complete Guide to Successful Collaborations for Collaboration Enthusiasts

4. ~ Two free excerpts!

Leading-edge entrepreneurs Patricia Weber and Monique MacKinnon are SO passionate about bringing you an amazing business changing resource: “Complete Guide to Successful Collaborations,” a 4 ebook series!

Collaborating is the oldest trick in the business book. Why? – Because there is power in numbers: joining forces with complementary business partners. But how do you collaborate efficiently, successfully and satisfactorily? Finding a clear-cut answer to this question isn’t so easy… much less enjoyable to read about. Until now…

Get the 20-page excerpt to the success of your next collaboration from the “Complete Guide to Successful Collaborations,” to collaborate efficiently, successfully and satisfactorily.

Or get ALL the strategy and tactic right now with the complete 4 ebook series: Complete Guide to Successful Collaborations.

Now – available on Kindle, just $9.99! https://amzn.to/CollabGuideKindle Take a look at some of the reviews we have on Kindle.

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