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5 Top Weekly Blog posts, week 5, from #Introvert Inspirer

This is week five of my favorite blog posts from the week. My aim is to share what I found highly useful, and what might most interest you based on what I presume we have some common interest. From whatever I read in the blogosphere I mostly look for: inspiration, new ideas (for me) and[Continue Reading…]


How To Reduce Your Health Risk with Sitting Disease

Who would know synchronicity would play into my blogging about sitting disease to the point that I am now considering a standing desk! The short story about me now researching the right standing desk comes from a circuitous route from my annual physical exam and then, over to my chiropractor. It turns out my back[Continue Reading…]


5 Top Weekly Blogposts from Introvert Inspirer

With so many interesting blogs this week, of course there would be some related to the more introverted. In defiance of the label for labels sake, there are of course other topics of interest beyond our type style for me. Blogging, Social media. What’s going on in our world. And of course more. Maybe you[Continue Reading…]