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5 Top Weekly Blog posts, week 16, from #Introvert Inspirer

In moving toward a daily habit of Inbox zero, and continuing to unsubscribe to lists that no longer serve, blog post reading seems a better substitute. For the more introverted, more blog posts with animated gifs, and angles on frustrations. For bloggers and social media, the content choice is still overwhelming with images and SEO[Continue Reading…]


Studies that show extroverts are generally happier

If you are just visiting, you can catch up with Chapter 1 of the book for introverts who want a communication advantage, Communication Toolkit for Introverts, at these links: Introduction to Communication Toolkit for Introverts  What are the differences between introvert and extrovert communication? Communication myths about introverts  Reasons why an introvert may not want[Continue Reading…]


5 Top Weekly Blog posts, week 15, from #Introvert Inspirer

Blog post topic attraction, at least for this introvert, is becoming more difficult to narrow down. My first test, “to read or not to read” is the title. What you find in this week’s blog post roundup is: – prioritizing tips for bloggers, – growing your blog’s reach – how to work with  a team[Continue Reading…]