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How Do You Get Over It When Things Go Wrong?

For my loyal readers, many who are friends, thank you for all your support. It’s been over a year of writing, editing, and seeing the book Communication Toolkit for Introverts to publication. The final product is almost ready. Since the publisher has one hold-up, due to an issue with the final editing staff, it’s still time[Continue Reading...]

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How Can We Make Life Less To Do About Performance?

How can we make life less to do about performance and more about fulfillment? What? Isn’t it all about landing the next project? Getting the next client? Writing the next blog post? Making more money? Hosting the next fabulous dinner party? Help! Unplug me. Recently the pastor in the church I often attend was talking[Continue Reading...]


Bad drama and good stories for introverts to navigate

I’m a sucker for assessments. Personal assessments. I found one today you might be interested in about how to communicate from your strengths. You know my rant about using your strengths as someone more introverted? That’s what drew me to it. Plus, it’s free; even more of a draw. I’ll share it with you at[Continue Reading...]