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6 Ways to #Quiet the Brain and Boost #Creativity

It was 2010 when a collaboration partner introduced me to Snowden McFall a 29 year entrepreneur, professional speaker and author of 5 books, including Fired Up!, and Stress Express! She’s definitely an extrovert and a fabulously motivating person. When you just read her emails or hear her speak, you’ll know what this means. This is one of her[Continue Reading...]


Get Rid of 5 Monsters Now

Trick or treat? Personally I’m tired of doing tricks and am ready for treats. Whether it’s a treat from someone to me, or one I give myself, with Halloween on the calendar it’s time to get rid of 5 monsters now. Have you ever heard, “When you seek the truth, ask a wise woman?” No[Continue Reading...]


6 Tips From Public Speaking To Blogging With Joel Osteen’s Model

Many writers are introverts. We take in life fully, reflect about experiences and some of us then write or blog about those findings. You may or may not know Joel Osteen. He’s labeled everything from mega-church pastor to Christian evangelist on the periphery. When my mom used to stay with me she loved listening to[Continue Reading...]