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End of Year Top 6 Ideas to Fuel Introvert Energy

Either it’s being more introverted or just getting older. I cannot wait for the holidays to be done with. Over. Finished. Finito! This time of year I prefer to reflect and plan, but instead it’s filled with traveling and family visits. It’s a somewhat practical choice being that it makes sense to be that many[Continue Reading…]


5 ways to safeguard your introvert identity

If you follow my “almost everything introvert” blog you know I often draw inspiration from my pastor’s Sunday messages. This week is no exception. He was talking about how we (Christ believers) are always in danger of having their identity stolen. We’re letting our identity be stolen, killed or destroyed. No it wasn’t a fire[Continue Reading…]

SantaYourself _Pat

Introvert Friendly Guide to Holiday Exercise

The holidays are the perfect time for introverts to start engaging in exercise if somehow, it’s dropped off the to-do list. This may sound counter-intuitive but stay with me and maybe you’ll be influenced otherwise. If you haven’t yet figured out if you tend toward being more introverted or extroverted, the Digital Citizen offers a[Continue Reading…]