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Introvert in Business to Business Sales: Take the Hard Way Out

I’m going to tell you the truth – which may be painful. You may hope that this will be an article in which I detail how introverts can make millions in sales and never have to be uncomfortable or speak to anyone – that somehow I will have the “secret” to selling without any discomfort.[Continue Reading...]


What if Introverts Didn’t Have to Compete with Extroverts?

Just recently I was reading the Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) blog post, From Blue Ocean Strategy to Blue Ocean Leadership, when it occurred to me: What if introverts have to compete with extroverts? Of course maybe it’s just a feeling that we have to compete. Either way, if it’s a feeling or if it’s true, I think[Continue Reading...]


Smart Introvert Number One Rule

We are not extroverts. Sometimes we might forget this, at least this introvert does. But not being more extroverted doesn’t mean we can’t engage in and enjoy extroverting activities. Introvert actions are usually done by one self while extroverting includes others. Introverting and extroverting include actions as well as preferences or being labels to help[Continue Reading...]