How Do You Find Who You Want to Surround Yourself With To Create Your Own Success?

As an introvert it’s important about who I spend time with. This is one reason that when I network, I run from those energy vampires. You know the ones both online or in person? They profess to have an interest in helping you, getting to know you, but their actions are incongruent. The conversation doesn’t move forward. It goes nowhere. No big surprise. I do my best to not connect with this type but it’s hard to tell from the get go.

Even when I select friends I tend toward people who are more optimistic, open and have similar interests. Recently I had lunch with a new neighbor. I discovered she is quite a successful entrepreneur who is expanding her business. Her energy was so refreshing from some of my other neighbors, particularly the women, who don’t work. I’m not being snobby here, it’s really just a preference. Many of their conversations are often draining for me because they want to either complain about this or that, or they stay at the small talk level.

My new friend – she reminded me twice in quite specific terminology that she feels we have the start of a great friendship – was excited about the restaurant we picked for lunch, talked happily about her business, and delighted with the fact that we each made time in our busy days to have lunch.

Why would you surround yourself, if you could choose, with anyone less than this? My friend and colleague Snowden McFall, my guest blogger, has some wisdom about how to Surround Yourself with Winners:[Continue Reading…]

Introvert Lessons from Kentucky Derby Champion Ponder

In 1949 the Kentucky Derby Champion was Ponder. Most people know that introverts are regularly inside their head. But notice, this race horse, with a somewhat introvert trait as a name, won the race. How could this win help introverts with lessons that make this the year that more introverts find themselves winning their race?[Continue Reading…]

Introverts, Burgers and Networking?

The metaphor of eating the well-dressed burger while it’s making a mess, to your business networking operating at productive levels while you recognize the mess, is worth exploring. It’s possible that introverts more than extroverts, find that deciding who to further engage with in networking requires some inner reflection. Two types of energy to consider in networking are:

Hot Potato Energy: It isn’t always worth holding on to a networking relationship but how do you know when to let go?

Warm Bun Energy: You nurture a warm bun effect with people who you decide to follow-up. Why would anyone choose the hot potato energy instead of the warm bun energy in networking? [Continue Reading…]

Go-Giver Thanksgiving: With Gratitude

If you follow the Go-Giver, or read my blog posts on the Five Laws of Stratospheric success from the book, here are the links to all my posts for easier navigation for you. Thank you my good friend Jim Sutton for this idea. And thank you as one of my blog readers for just being you.

First the links to the Go-Giver book authored by Bob Burg and John David Mann: [Continue Reading…]

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