Why Generous Deeds have the Power to Transform


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Why Generous Deeds have the Power to Transform

Creating your own Community or Tribe as some people call it is a wonderful way to get to know your clients, customers and connections. Have you heard of Time Banking?

It’s a community of one hour at a time. It’s where everyone has something to give. Time Banks create trust and well-being by asking people to share what they can offer to help.

As soon as you think about it, there are lots of way you could go about earning and spending your time Dollars.

The spontaneous Thank you.
Give a time dollar to to a family member, or a work colleague or a client or when you are out networking. This certificate represents your commitment to give. Plus, have you ever said to someone call me and we can have a chat? And you forget who they are? A time dollar is great for this and why not just say what you are willing to do on the time dollar.

A Give-Away
Give a couple of Time Dollars signed by you to people you think might like to get some help with their business or personal needs – you can say what you are willing to give. Ask them to pay it forward – give to your clients to share with the people they know.

The Not quite so big give-away
Exacting like the give-away, except your off of help is much more specific. Make sure it is not a routine part of your role and relationship with that other person. Something you would not normally do.

Surprise a stranger
A little random act of kindness gift. A coffee coupon, come see you and present your gift to them. Or give them a blank Time Dollar to share with someone else.

      The five core principles of time banking


      Assets: Everyone has something to give;


      Work: Building your community is real and is important work


      Reciprocity: Giving is stronger when it’s more than a one-way street


      Community: We’re stronger together


    Respect: We deserve it from others – and we out it to others

Each time we extend ourselves to another, we are also reminded of how we are inextricably linked to our friends, our neighbors, even to those we dislike. “We cannot live only for ourselves,” the great writer Herman Melville once said. “A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.” That’s why a generous, gracious deed has the power to transform us—when we show kindness to others, we become the beneficiary of our own love and care.

Mari-Lyn Harris is a Relationship Marketing Specialist in customer retention. Get your FREE report on why you need a customer retention program. https://heartatworkonline.org. http://appearoo.com/Mari-LynHarris

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