5 Life Changing Experiences

Learning to relax, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, has benefits we might overlook just going day to day and doing, doing, doing. For a bit of a different spin on sales reluctance, and introverts, here’s a guest post, 5 Life Changing Experiences.

It is not every day that one has a life changing experience, but there are defining points in everyone’s life when they experience something which makes them look differently at the way they live. This article will consider some of the life changing experiences that happen throughout life and suggest places where such experiences can be sought.

Brisbane CBD

Brisbane CBD (Photo credit: brewbooks)

1.     The realisation that work does not need to be all consuming

In the society in which we live, we are grown and shaped from an early age to believe that the ultimate goal is a good job. Everything we do from the age of 4 to 18 is focused on getting us a job in the future, and rightly so. However, it is easy to forget that life is there to enjoy and that working all of the time is not the way to go. A visit to an apartment in Brisbane will enable you to consider the world of working life alongside that of beaches and relaxation. Australians have an excellent attitude towards work, and really know how to relax. Working should never be all consuming and the witnessing the practice of surfing before work will bring this home to you. Spending a week in a serviced apartment in Brisbane will help you to relax and may bring a bit of perspective to your life as well.

2.     The realisation of love

This is one that cannot be found in any particular area, but it will not necessarily just happen either. It is important to find someone with similar hopes, dreams and interests to you. It is important not to force love, but it can often be found closer to you than you expected. Take a hobby to a new level and take classes in it to help you improve. Who knows, you could find your soul mate at a pottery or cooking class.

3.     The cessation of habits

Sometimes one will just awaken with a sudden urge to stop drinking, smoking, or participating in some addictive habit. It is important to grab onto these feelings and make them a reality when they come, but sometimes it takes more than just a realisation. With smoking for example, it takes a few painful weeks before you will begin to feel the positive difference, but when you do you will appreciate having your health back and will be encouraged to stop forever.

4.     Near death experience

A near death experience is obviously not something that you want to happen but it does often change lives. You can replicate this sensation without risking yourself by engaging in adrenaline pumping activities. This can be as simple as lifting weights in the gym or playing sports. Alternatively you can engage in activities such as white water rafting or bungee jumping. This will get your heart racing and you will achieve the same feeling. Adrenaline can inspire a change in lifestyle to become more healthy and much more.

5.     Contentedness

Another realisation which can change your life is the realisation that you are happy and do not need anything more. This feeling is obviously not one which can be found or bought, but one which requires hard work and toil. Reaching this stage is the greatest feeling of all and your life should be geared towards finding this happiness at all times. If something makes you unhappy then stop doing it, and if something makes you happy do it to your heart’s content.

What would you discover if you stopped and just reached for what’s in the present? Would you recognize that life is here to enjoy? Or that love is closer than you think? What would you discover?

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