Use Your Personality Better to Stand Out from Others #infographic


Mark 4:21-22

Instead of trying to be something different why not use your personality to stand out from others? In preparing for a guest speaker program, not all ideas make it to the platform. But as with a couple of events in my husband’s and my life, just because some movie moments make it to the cutting room floor, hardly means they are wasted.

Sometimes, to stand out, you may find you try too hard or go too far. It’s difficult to say in my coaching experiences, how many of those of us more introverted may have claimed something like, “If only I were more extroverted.” That can be extreme. Going to the extreme is not always the best way to make yourself stand out from others.

Instead of trying to be something different why not use your personality to your advantage? Why not incorporate your traits and characteristics and use them to get noticed? After all, with half of us having a more introverted preference, if you disguise yourself, no one can benefit from your value.[Continue Reading…]

How Introverts Can Leverage Cold Email Versus Cold Calling or Networking

How Introverts Can Leverage Cold Email Versus Cold Calling or Networking

If you’re an introvert, you probably already know that you hate cold calling and networking. You probably hate calling a restaurant for reservations, let alone calling someone on the phone to discuss business or sales.

You’re not alone. For those on the receiving end, cold calling is also not a favorite. After all, it seems so spammy, right?

Cold calling, however, still exists for a reason, and that reason is that it does work if you’re a skilled caller. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for some introverts to overcome their dislike of telephone conversations enough to actually become one of those skilled callers.

Luckily, on the other hand, you aren’t stuck with cold calling in order to get your point across. You can easily take advantage of cold emailing, and see much of the same results.

Whatever you do, don’t let someone tell you that because you’re an introvert, you won’t be good at sales. In fact, many introverts are great at sales. This is for the simple reason that they’re much better an interpersonal connections. When they do connect with someone, it’s at a deeper level. This can make them better at both sympathizing with a consumer’s need, and helping them create a solution to their problem.

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Introvert Blog Spotlight: 1 of Best 44 Sales Blogs

This global recognition was a complete surprise, and recognition like this is worth celebrating! Thank you, Market Inspector, a leading business to business marketplace for companies in Europe, for this recognition: Introvert Blog Spotlight: 1 of Best 44 Sales Blogs

The Best Sales Blogs in 2016 by Market Inspector

Sure it’s free publicity. I’ll take it! It’s also a reason to blog. I’m doing that!

Who does not like being recognized for their efforts? Some research finds the introvert, and extrovert brain are different in our processing external “reward” cues.

Then I get to change the label from reward to recognition to be able to get the most out of this experience.

Receiving recognition is more than these two benefits. Here are a few to consider when you want to accept credit for your work in any way. Here are some other reasons I feel recognition allows extroverts and introverts alike to benefit:
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Business Networking Tip: How to Make and Utilize Contacts, Not Lose Them

Networking is the art of making and using your contacts.

Too often people think it’s all about “getting,” but the truth is, you have to give to get.

Just how do you make this philosophy work?

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Staying focused, brain on technology, smell the roses, introvert in graphs #Blog Round-up from #introvert inspirer

My round-up blog numbers were escaping me. My fix is – let them go! This is my weekly round-up.

I want to stay focused on blogging tasks and slow down and smell the roses too! Without our brain what can we do? Heck, not even enjoy the graphs.

Disclaimer: usually these are blog posts from other bloggers and rarely, my writing. Sharing good content from across the web for you that you might not have seen.


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