Valuable Strategy if You Need Space for Introverts and Extroverts

One of the ezines I  subscribed for about three years comes from PerfectCustomers. If you’re in sales or not, they offer a valuable strategy if you need space as an introvert or extrovert. One particular daily attraction tip struck a chord for my introversion preference. My “music” is – purposeful breaks of various types throughout the day. I believe it helps me to both function better and know who I truly am; play my music.

What is your space between the notes? Your music?

        “Music occurs in the space between the notes.”


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      4 Ways Out of Quicksand to Conquer Any Slump Now

      When you’re in quicksand, like a sales or even blogging slump, if you have a lot of heavy stuff strapped to you, you will not get out. Top salespeople don’t get caught in a sales slump, even in the toughest of times, because they know what to do to steer around a slump.

      Likely top bloggers don’t find themselves in the idea quicksand either. They can get rid of whatever limiting thinking, lack of ideas, even self-doubt, they have strapped on themselves.

      In the movie, The Replacements, Keanu Reeves plays a quarterback, Shane Falco, hired along with an entire team during a pro football strike. During a locker room scene, the coach asks the players what they fear on the field and Falco answers, quicksand.

      “You’re playing, and you think everything is going fine. Then one thing goes wrong. And then another. And another. You try to fight back, but the harder you fight, the deeper you sink. Until you can’t move… you can’t breathe… because you’re in over your head. Like quicksand.”

      out-of-a slump

      CC BY-NC by theparadigmshifter

      Like a writing idea or sales slump at times.

      So what do top salespeople who rarely get caught in a sales slump do differently? What do top authors bloggers do to get out of any slump they find themselves in?  It could be a little like getting out of quicksand:

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      Can Introvert and Shy Salespeople Find Happy Hour Bliss?

      Some history claims that the first happy hour was in a local pub in Ireland. Others attribute that this before dinner reduced price drinks event started in the 1920’s as the Navy’s slang for its on-ship entertainment. Regardless what happens, introverts and extroverts would design a Happy Hour quite differently.

      A question about the happy hour event becomes:
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      3 Useful Sales Indicators Calling on Your Self-confidence

      Did you ever notice on an automobile dashboard that some of the lights are green, orange or red? And sometimes multiple lights come on?self-confidence-sales-action-indicators

      A couple of weeks ago my brand new car broke down on the interstate. In returning home from visiting family, it was my angels looking out for me as things came to a halt within 15 minutes of where some other family members lived. There were yellow, orange and red lights overshadowing the economy mode green lights.

      As I waited for the dealer to report findings to me it was more comfortable at my family’s house. I recounted the process to them.

      Red lights and any number of  simultaneous lights scream, “Call your auto repair of choice immediately.” That is actually what the dashboard of my car flashed before me!

      The following three sales action indicators for a salesperson can point to a self-confidence issue  – lack of follow-up, feeling like an imposter or somehow fearful of giving presentations, networking, or even asking for an order.

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      How Introverts Who Sell Can Rev Up Sales by Slowing Down

      Just as Nixon enacted Auto Speed Reduction Day for energy conservation in 1973, introverts in business who sell may want to declare their own Sales Speed Reduction day for energy conservation. Extroverts, more like solar powered items, continually and speedily energize by doing things.

      How Introverts Who Sell Can Rev Up Sales by Slowing Down

      Extroverts, more like solar powered items, continually and speedily energize by doing things. Introverts, more like

      Introverts, more like flashlights, need to stop and replace batteries to keep on going.

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