Wayne Dyer, an amazing teacher for all generations

When clearing out mom’s apartment there were many books on her bookcase shelves from her nursing days. Her career is one of her proudest achievements, rightfully so.

As I started to pack each book into boxes my hand landed on one of Dr Wayne Dyer’s books. If my memory is right it was Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life. This brought a smile to my face as I was finding more commonalities than I was aware.

There are a few books of his I read along the way. Two still on my bookshelves including, Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation.

Maybe that was one of the appeals of Wayne Dyer who died late August at age 75.

Wayne Dyer, an amazing teacher for all generations

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Repurpose and Repackage Your Products To Build Your Six-Figure Online Business

If you’re like me you aren’t sure you have all the pieces to get to that dream income level in your online business. That’s where Kathleen Gage comes in. And she’s made available for my blog this overview of how she manages year after year, with whatever she has going on, to be a six-figure dream for her.

A great way to optimize your efforts is to package your information in many different formats through what is referred to as repurposing. This simply means that if you write a report you can turn that report into a longer document that can become an eBook. Or your eBook can become a teleseminar. The teleseminar can become a mini course. The mini course can be turned into a mentoring program. [Continue Reading…]

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