Wayne Dyer, an amazing teacher for all generations

When clearing out mom’s apartment there were many books on her bookcase shelves from her nursing days. Her career is one of her proudest achievements, rightfully so.

As I started to pack each book into boxes my hand landed on one of Dr Wayne Dyer’s books. If my memory is right it was Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life. This brought a smile to my face as I was finding more commonalities than I was aware.

There are a few books of his I read along the way. Two still on my bookshelves including, Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation.

Maybe that was one of the appeals of Wayne Dyer who died late August at age 75.

Wayne Dyer, an amazing teacher for all generations

Marianne Williamson who lectures every Monday evening on “A Course in Miracles,” released a moving video tribute about him.

In particular I love her description of how she sees him arriving in heaven.

Some people didn’t like Dyer, talking about him being a money grabbing bigot, espousing spirituality, love and heaven forbid, even talking about God while still making money.

Here’s what even they cannot argue with: his career spanned 40 years and in that time he authored more than 40 books, half of which were New York Times bestsellers. He also produced several National Public Television lectures.

Here are some quotes appearing on his Facebook page:





Many of the quotes appearing on Dyer’s Facebook appeared in his Hay House produced calendar:





This next one is for anyone feeling overwhelm or stress:



Quite often he spoke to the introvert in me or my spiritual nature.





The final share is instead a testimonial.


It is proof that indeed – Wayne Dyer, an amazing teacher for all generations

From the young Madeleine who is a reader of children’s books which Dyer wrote. Then to my mom who read him when she was in her early 80s. And of course to anyone, anywhere, who was moved by whatever wisdom you uncovered in something Dyer wrote or you heard him say.

We will miss the man, but he gifted us a way to living fully and beautifully.

If you ever read anything by Dyer, what was your favorite book?

If you ever intended to read something by Dyer, what was it? Will you be reading it?


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  1. Hi Patricia,

    I haven’t read any of his books yet but many of his quotes. I especially like the ones about changing how you look at things because I find it to be so true.

    I want to read Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life and The Power of Intention. I’m still trying to find a way to fit more time in my routine to read. Any suggestions on what I should read first?

    Lea Bullen recently posted…What You Don’t Realize When You’re Comparing Yourself to OthersMy Profile

  2. I have heard of Wayne Dyer, although I have never read his books. I am into books that change yourself for the better. I am reading a great book by Lanny Bassham called Freedom Flight. Small fast reading book. It is how one man’s experiences empowers how you deal with your future. It is worth reading. It helps you understand mental power. I believe the power of mind and how we can change ourselves for the better.
    Arleen recently posted…An Emerging Target Market: The Pet Industry!My Profile

  3. Read Wayne W. Dyer’s books in the 80’s and loved them. They are truly timeless and people who have not yet read them should.
    Catarina recently posted…Are you a thought leader?My Profile

  4. Hi Patricia, I’ve read many of his books and loved them all. He was fined with so much wisdom. I find it hard to understand the people who didn’t like him. His books will be just as relevant many many years from now. I may have to start re-reading them again.
    Susan cooper recently posted…Silverado Vineyards Sangiovese: #WineMy Profile

  5. Patricia I became totally addicted to Dr.Wayne Dyer completely by accident!LOL!

    I ordered one of his brilliant programs through Nightingale, Conant and I was hooked!

    And then I loaned it to a friend, who never returned it!LOL!

    But still in all, that led to reading a few of his excellent books!
    Only to discover quite a few years later, that my Mom was also a huge fan as well!

    To this day, she still refers to the many long lasting benefits, she has received over the years,
    simply by reading and applying what she learned in his book “Your Erroneous Zones.”

    Without a doubt, his masterful and simplistic, yet incredibly practical wisdom will be missed!

    But still in all, we are all eternally grateful, that he passed our way!
    Mark recently posted…Why Wall Street Aren’t The Only Ones That Profit From Creative Asset Management!My Profile

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