How Introverts Can Leverage Cold Email Versus Cold Calling or Networking

How Introverts Can Leverage Cold Email Versus Cold Calling or Networking

If you’re an introvert, you probably already know that you hate cold calling and networking. You probably hate calling a restaurant for reservations, let alone calling someone on the phone to discuss business or sales.

You’re not alone. For those on the receiving end, cold calling is also not a favorite. After all, it seems so spammy, right?

Cold calling, however, still exists for a reason, and that reason is that it does work if you’re a skilled caller. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for some introverts to overcome their dislike of telephone conversations enough to actually become one of those skilled callers.

Luckily, on the other hand, you aren’t stuck with cold calling in order to get your point across. You can easily take advantage of cold emailing, and see much of the same results.

Whatever you do, don’t let someone tell you that because you’re an introvert, you won’t be good at sales. In fact, many introverts are great at sales. This is for the simple reason that they’re much better an interpersonal connections. When they do connect with someone, it’s at a deeper level. This can make them better at both sympathizing with a consumer’s need, and helping them create a solution to their problem.

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How Can Introvert Salespeople Actually Find Happy Hour Bliss?

introvert-happy-hourSome history claims that the first happy hour was held in a local pub in Ireland.

Others attribute that this before dinner reduced price drinks event started in the 1920’s as the Navy’s slang for its on-ship entertainment.

Regardless what is true, introverts and extroverts would design a Happy Hour quite differently.

How Can Introvert Salespeople Actually Find Happy Hour Bliss?

Originally published on: Nov 23, 2008
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Not Knowing You Are an Introvert or Extrovert Can Be to Your Selling Advantage

spinach on introvert teethDiscovering I was an introvert when I was promoted to sales manager in the 1980s was news to me there even was such a distinction of people. It’s a bit like finding out you have spinach stuck on your front teeth. With 10 years of previous top of the team sales results, it never occurred to me that I was – unsociable, aloof, or awkward in anyway.

What did happen was something was just under my skin as a minor irritation causing me to turn down invitations that others would ask me, “Why aren’t you going?” Not knowing I was an introvert or an extrovert gave me a distinct advantage and like the Energizer Bunny®, I just kept on going being my natural self. {EAV:6a548d732e8e4215}[Continue Reading…]

Why Not Enjoy the Sales Role You are In?

Introverts who sell can make the BEST salespeople because we have a few characteristics that naturally help us. But often we don’t think about how our attitude about selling might hold us back from being our natural self.

Consider these ideas to enjoy your role in sales and bring out the best in you:



It is not uncommon for people to have an extremely negative connotation for what a “salesman” or “selling” is all about.  The stereotypical mental images range from that of a pushy used car salesman to the age-old snake oil salesman, or the slick talker who could sell an Eskimo ice cubes.

Income- and revenue- generating activities are what allow companies to hire and pay employees for the value they produce on the job.  Selling is essentially the same, an exchange of value, with one party looking for a solution to a problem and the other party simply receiving fair compensation for the solution being provided.[Continue Reading…]

Crystal Ball for Selling – Book Review of Shift!: Harness The Trigger Events That Turn Prospects Into Customers

What if you could crystal ball that, “Trigger Event” that motivates buyers to see your solution for the value it brings to a problem just when they need it? With a unique model, SHiFT (in both paper back and Kindle edition), motivated salespeople will be able to pull together six pieces to both make the most out of a first call as well as either delaying or preventing the prospect from even calling the competition. It’s about how to improve your timing to have a customer’s positive decision while their intent is still high – more sales, less delay. Read further and then treat yourself to a free gift at the end.[Continue Reading…]

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