How Can Introvert Salespeople Actually Find Happy Hour Bliss?

introvert-happy-hourSome history claims that the first happy hour was held in a local pub in Ireland.

Others attribute that this before dinner reduced price drinks event started in the 1920’s as the Navy’s slang for its on-ship entertainment.

Regardless what is true, introverts and extroverts would design a Happy Hour quite differently.

How Can Introvert Salespeople Actually Find Happy Hour Bliss?

Originally published on: Nov 23, 2008
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How to Win at Some Sweepstake Gone Tweetstake Fun

Imagine pulling up a seat to listen to the likes of Bob Burg, Chalene Johnson, Sally Fields, and ten other successful entrepreneurs and speakers. Now imagine being that one lucky person who is going to win a free seat to do just that at The Chef’s Table for Entrepreneurs Telesummit with TWEETSTAKES! This is like Sweepstakes only designed for Twitter. How does this work?[Continue Reading…]

Top Ten Collaboration Lessons from Collaboration Strategists

When my Canadian joint venture partner Monique MacKinnon and I met a year ago, we each had an intention of working collaboratively. She’s an extrovert and I’m an introvert so we have a good balance in our teamwork. I’m just not sure either of us envisioned where our meeting would take us. The collaboration lessons we’ve learned have been numerous. Here is the list which we call, Top 10 Reasons Why Collaborating Could Give You Nightmares:[Continue Reading…]

Top Salespeople Can Learn from Good Soldiers

Let’s start with what many may agree with and make the comparison between good soldiering and top selling. Veterans Day in the USA, Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other parts of the world, falls on November 11. It may be difficult to totally decide what makes a good soldier, but here a few items to consider:
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Top Salespeople Are Not Dunces

November 8: Dunce Day. Salespeople don’t wear dunce caps, at least not on purpose. The dunce cap is named after a 13th-century philosopher, John Duns Scotus, born in Duns, Scotland. He believed this conical shaped hat increased learning potential using the theory that knowledge flows from the apex into the mind of the wearer. How can you be more like top salespeople? How do you avoid any “dunceness?” Here are some ideas to take off that dunce cap:

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