How To Find Your Best-Fit Joint Venture Partner With Less Time And Energy

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Is it possible to find a joint venture partner with no investment in time and energy? No. Is it possible to find someone to collaborate with in a business venture that benefits both, even all parties, with less time and energy than you might have imagined? Absolutely! There are opportunities both within your present sphere of contacts and everywhere you network, to attract the partners who you want.

Just as in the Law of Attraction (LOA) that you might be familiar with, there is a process to bring these right joint venture opportunities to you and all in the course of your normal, daily conversations. It starts with getting clear on what you want. Then you need to be willing to relentlessly focus on this and enter into conversations with the same clarity and focus to keep this positive energy with you around the people who you meet. Here’s an excerpt from the eBook, How To Find Your Best-Fit Joint Venture Partner With Less Time And Energy:

Getting clear on the Relationship

So you have been seduced by the possible benefits of joint ventures. You’ve done the inner work to rule out alternatives that might get similar results. If you aren’t clear about the alternatives and haven’t done this work, then you’ll want to get our eBook, Entrepreneurial Joint Ventures Boost Business Success. It will give you enough information to assure you that you have made the best decision and are ready to joint venture.

With that preliminary work complete, you are now on the path and have set an intention to find joint venture partner(s) where you can add additional streams of income, increase your mailing or eZine list, and enjoy the rewards of sharing talent and resources, and laughs too.

Have you thought through the characteristics you want in this partner? The LOA process can work easily for you once you get crystal clear on the qualities you want in this person. The operative word in LOA is – want. I think back to many years ago when I was single and wanted to attract that marriage partner, for life. Most of us have had that time in our life of dating and wanting to find the perfect partner during that time. How detailed did you get in your mind about that one special person? For me some of my wants were: a man, good looking, slim physique, smart, showed either potential as a bread-winner or was already earning a family-supportive income, enjoyed children, wanted his own children, was fun to be with, and the picture in my mind just started there as the traits list went on.

But I didn’t get clear that quickly and so the men I attracted for a while weren’t quite fitting the bill. When I did decide to take the time and look into my heart as to all that I wanted, there he was. He showed up. Peculiarly at the same time, I was saying good-bye to a recent boyfriend. And here we are, 41 years later… still together.

While you don’t have to have a want of a 41-year joint venture, you do want to be clear if you want a project, a short-term or a long-term venture. Notice in my preliminary description of my perfect mate, it is all about what I want. You don’t see anything like; “I don’t want him to be ugly,” in my list. While I had no clue about the LOA at that time, intuitively I had an image in my mind of everything I wanted. If I had dwelled on anything I didn’t want, that is what would have showed up.

Have you started your trait list of successful collaboration or joint venture partners?

What are some of the things on your “desired” collaboration partner list?

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