Collaboration Emotional Rapport: how do you know to go further?


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My complete list of what I want in a collaboration partner is two pages but length is not as important as the specificity.

Get it out of your head! Otherwise those attractive ideas, to bring you just the right partner, just float up and away.

I did, and that somehow makes it more real. No; if you read the leading post to this, How To Find Your Best-Fit Joint Venture Partner With Less Time And Energy, I did not write down my ideal mate list many years ago. But I was crystal clear and highly motivated to find my man. Today we are doing more, being more and wanting more.

So, let’s not assume we easily take the time to get clear on anything we want, including a joint venture![Continue Reading…]

How To Find Your Best-Fit Joint Venture Partner With Less Time And Energy

the law of attraction

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Is it possible to find a joint venture partner with no investment in time and energy? No. Is it possible to find someone to collaborate with in a business venture that benefits both, even all parties, with less time and energy than you might have imagined? Absolutely! There are opportunities both within your present sphere of contacts and everywhere you network, to attract the partners who you want.

Just as in the Law of Attraction (LOA) that you might be familiar with, there is a process to bring these right joint venture opportunities to you and all in the course of your normal, daily conversations. It starts with getting clear on what you want. Then you need to be willing to relentlessly focus on this and enter into conversations with the same clarity and focus to keep this positive energy with you around the people who you meet. Here’s an excerpt from the eBook, How To Find Your Best-Fit Joint Venture Partner With Less Time And Energy:[Continue Reading…]

Want to attract more collaboration Dynamos instead of Duds for your beautiful blossoming business?

Joint venture

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One of the things that is almost critical for business success today is being willing and able to collaborate. Whether it’s being a guest blogger or co-hosting a telesummit with a dozen guest speakers, I have a track record of both failure and success. A most successful and rewarding collaboration I partnered in with Monique MacKinnon of Energetic Evolution subsequently led us to co-author eBooks about how to successfully joint venture. Here is the first sneak peak of the eBook, Entrepreneurial Joint Ventures: Psychology + Soul, and a series of posts intended to give you an insider’s tips of knowing how to select who you collaborate with in a project where everyone benefits.

According to Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel, authors of the ‘Ebook Secrets Exposed’ (, people’s Top 3 (out of 10) most powerful motivators are:
(1) Make money
(2) Save money
(3) Save time

But why do so many entrepreneurs avoid developing joint ventures (JVs), which can positively influence both their bottom lines and facial lines. Allow us to explain, creatively.[Continue Reading…]


My own Canadian joint venture partner, Monique MacKinnon, and I have each been in a variety of other types of jont ventures with others. Vince Golder, who we met through his LinkedIn group, Goldnet Referral Marketing has 27 years of successful strategies to discuss. This week, Vince of has 11 ideas for venture marketing in part two of HOW TO REALLY BOOST YOUR BUSINESS WITH JOINT VENTURE MARKETING:[Continue Reading…]

How to nullify these 5 joint venture nuisances: Are these gremlins biting you in the butt?

How a joint venture can help you and your business is limited only by your imagination and self-imposed limits. Here are five of those nuisances that my Canadian Joint Venture partner and I have identified:[Continue Reading…]

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