3 Useful Sales Indicators Calling on Your Self-confidence

Did you ever notice on an automobile dashboard that some of the lights are green, orange or red? And sometimes multiple lights come on?self-confidence-sales-action-indicators

A couple of weeks ago my brand new car broke down on the interstate. In returning home from visiting family, it was my angels looking out for me as things came to a halt within 15 minutes of where some other family members lived. There were yellow, orange and red lights overshadowing the economy mode green lights.

As I waited for the dealer to report findings to me it was more comfortable at my family’s house. I recounted the process to them.

Red lights and any number of  simultaneous lights scream, “Call your auto repair of choice immediately.” That is actually what the dashboard of my car flashed before me!

The following three sales action indicators for a salesperson can point to a self-confidence issue  – lack of follow-up, feeling like an imposter or somehow fearful of giving presentations, networking, or even asking for an order.

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Sales Training – Daily Recovery Important for Introverts

sales-training-introvert-recoveryWhile autos can go a day or sometimes more for a fill up, introverts who sell will discover accelerated sales results with a daily routine centered on three areas: release techniques, comfortable marketing activities and targeting those activities to identified prospects.

Sales Training – Daily Recovery Important for Introverts

Originally published on: Oct 15, 2008

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Introverts, Burger Toppings and Business Networking?

Do you know anyone who loves so many toppings on their hamburger that there is actually more oozing out of the bun than into their mouth with each bite? One of my Canadian Joint Venture partners describes such messiness of a burger with: caramelized onions, BBQ sauce, pickles, ketchup, tomato and more that can top the burger and make any bite difficult to contain it all.

So, the question is how to eat the well-dressed burger to taste the deliciousness of each and every bite without finding most of it lost in the process. The same goes for networking: [Continue Reading…]

Economy Survival for Introverts and Extroverts

When I received her ezine titled, Upheavals and Downheavals: The Search for Dry Land, it set me on fire with the actions I am already taking during this economic crisis talk. Yes certainly, the financial situation appears real, but it is a lot of talk. Too much talk for me. I’m a follower of Shelle Rose Charvet, Certified Speaking Professional, author of

    Words That Change Minds

and, a true genius with NLP. You will be inspired by her words, regardless of your introvert or extrovert preference:

    “Have you ever felt like the dove that left Noah’s Ark in search of dry land only to find more sea than ever and nowhere to land? Or perhaps you have been valiantly resisting the urge to bail out during all the disastrous news because you are determined to avoid buying high and selling low. And just when you were thinking it couldn’t get any worse… ” Read more on Shelle’s blog

Top Salespeople Secret Number 6 During a Recession

The USA talk is we’re knee deep in a recession, with rising and not as quick falling gas prices and the feds have just bailed out the infamous mortgage lenders Fannie May and Freddie Mac.

Do NOT get beaten down with all this.

Just a quick review before I get to the sixth thing that top salespeople do to avoid devastating affects:

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