Someday is Not a Day of the Week

English: Procrastination Crossword“Someday is not a day of the week.”  ~Author Unknown

Do you ever spend time on fun, but non-productive, action items? Does that make you feel stressed that you actually could have taken the time for higher priority tasks? Roxana Núñez, the Procrastination Princess has a few suggestions in

Someday is Not a Day of the Week, if you can relate to procrastinating:[Continue Reading…]

Sales Tip – Salespeople Find Results with Tapping Away Fears

Two of the most recurring sales reluctance problems for salespeople is either a cold call or, surprisingly, a follow-up to a successful first contact.

The key is to replace the procrastination and fear of rejection with a positive action and feeling of confidence.

Have you ever tried EFT to dissolve your reluctance either quickly and to get yourself moving?

If not, Suzanne ib Lerner, PhD has spelled out the entire process in her article, Warming up to “cold calls” with EFT.

Why not try it first thing when you know you are procrastinating on either a cold call or a follow-up call? It works!

NOTE: You can also find the basic process described in detail at this website if you are not familiar with EFT.

Do you hate to sell, or get energized by cold calling? What is your natural tendency when it comes to networking, schmoozing and sales? Take a moment to get honest with yourself when you answer this quick survey.

Sales Training – Four Poor Sales Skills Not to Ignore!

In selling, the most analysis many salespeople consider is, “Did I make my goal?” There are mile markers along the sales road to watch and listen for that could minimize potentially costly sales mistakes.

Procrastination, like a car’s noises, is sometimes only heard on occasion for salespeople and independent professionals. Because it may be infrequent, the temptation to ignore it is big. What potential selling noises are you possibly ignoring? [Continue Reading…]

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