3 Useful Sales Indicators Calling on Your Self-confidence

Did you ever notice on an automobile dashboard that some of the lights are green, orange or red? And sometimes multiple lights come on?self-confidence-sales-action-indicators

A couple of weeks ago my brand new car broke down on the interstate. In returning home from visiting family, it was my angels looking out for me as things came to a halt within 15 minutes of where some other family members lived. There were yellow, orange and red lights overshadowing the economy mode green lights.

As I waited for the dealer to report findings to me it was more comfortable at my family’s house. I recounted the process to them.

Red lights and any number of  simultaneous lights scream, “Call your auto repair of choice immediately.” That is actually what the dashboard of my car flashed before me!

The following three sales action indicators for a salesperson can point to a self-confidence issue  – lack of follow-up, feeling like an imposter or somehow fearful of giving presentations, networking, or even asking for an order.

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Sales Training – Top 3 Questions To Decide to Compare or Not to Compare?

My friend The Procrastivity Nichepert Kerul Kassel’s asked in her recent ezine, “Who are you comparing yourself to, and how is that helping or hindering you?” In sales it’s so easy to compare because there of goals and quotas. When we are on a team, those goals or quotas might seem like enough of a measuring stick. But no. In sales, whether on a team or solo, we often use another measuring stick: other people.This made me think about the only television show I’m watching these days, House. Is it ever really worthwhile to compare ourselves to anyone or anything? What would Dr. House do?
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Sales Training – Salespeople Dear Santa Letter Wishes to Deliver

Just like stores getting ready for the holidays, November 5 to 11 is Dear Santa letters week. As a salesperson what would you ask Santa to bring you? Here’s a Dear Santa letter to help you get started with your own ideas.

Salespeople, what do you have to lose by writing to Santa for what you want? Since 1952 or 1953 children have been writing letters to Santa. So why not write your own Dear Santa letter? Mine would go something like this:
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Sales Training – Uncover the Three Way Selling Treasure Trove

Finding the treasures in selling is easier than it likely was to find the treasures in King Tutankhamen’s tomb in Egypt. What are selling treasures? How do you find them? They’re found in the career, the prospect and yourself. Let’s go to the – selling treasure trove.

What are a salesperson’s treasures? How do you find them? Treasures were found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb in Egypt in November of 1922. These treasures were still uncovered even after looters stole so much over the years. So what and how are the treasures that selling has for you? They’re found in the career, the prospect and yourself. What’s quite revealing is that introverts can be just as successful as they leverage some of their natural innate advantage. Let’s go to the – selling treasure trove. [Continue Reading…]

Sales Training – Four Poor Sales Skills Not to Ignore!

In selling, the most analysis many salespeople consider is, “Did I make my goal?” There are mile markers along the sales road to watch and listen for that could minimize potentially costly sales mistakes.

Procrastination, like a car’s noises, is sometimes only heard on occasion for salespeople and independent professionals. Because it may be infrequent, the temptation to ignore it is big. What potential selling noises are you possibly ignoring? [Continue Reading…]

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