Ten Turn Ons and Turn Offs for Introverts Who LIKE on FaceBook

As introverts we want to be only so self-revealing. Yet we know, relationships require some; the ones you want to be, I–know-you-and-you-know-me kind. The LIKE factor on FaceBook can be one way to establish a relationship without having to endure a energy drain. And if your marketing strategy has anything to do with online then those online interactions need to be energizing, not a drain. I’ve been watching one of my LinkedIn groups which encourages exchanging LIKEs and my gosh, it is so revealing about people’s online  styles.  If you’re an introvert I think you may benefit from some particular turn on and turn offs in my LIKE findings.
Turn On
1- Someone else extended the virtual handshake with a LIKE of my page, first. Even online I have an innate disdain for back slapping, hand-shaking, “nice to meet you networking.” If someone finds me online it’s likely from referral or a particular search, and my page stood out, hopefully in a helpful way. When someone says hello to me, it’s all the more likely I’ll connect with you.
2- A wall is open for conversation. While small talk often leaves us looking like a deer in the headlights, we introverts get a warm feeling when people want to have a real conversation. Wall conversations reveal intentions.
3- After a LIKE on my page, the LIKEr leaves a comment on my wall! You’ve bridged a new conversation!
4- When I come over to reciprocate at your page, I’m not thrown into a conversation – the wall – like a wild open networking event. Instead I land on your welcome page. (My webmaster is working to make certain that is what happens on my page!)
5- You have a special gift just for your FaceBook LIKE fans! It might be offered when I find you or it might be in your Info section, but it’s a special offer! Anyone, no matter what style might like this!
Turn Off
1 – Your Info section has little more than your location, name or a company name, phone and website. Like a broken elevator pitch I’ll probably just check in and leave.
2 – Your Info section talks about you – all the things you do. But it doesn’t really say what you will do for me. Again, that elevator pitch is stuck.
3 – It’s fairly obvious from the conversations on your wall that you are first, middle, and last interested in promoting the sale of your product or service. No tips, no pointers, no conversation, not even a blog feed.
4 – While you are regularly in touch with your LIKEs through your marketing, there aren’t any conversations going on.
5 – I LIKE your page and you have 1, 2, 3 – totally unrelated – other LIKE pages that you ask me to like. It’s just that they are all so unrelated that now, there is a disconnect. I don’t know you yet and was hoping for just the beginning of a new relationship.

With 51.9% of the population being introverts, and more countries outside the USA having a more introvert climate,  style in the way you present yourself, online, with FaceBook, or even elsewhere is more attractive.

If you are an introvert and this doesn’t resonate with you, PLEASE, let me know. Maybe all my years of assessing as an INTJ is indeed suspect.

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