Increase Your Awareness To Blog More From Your Heart

increase your awarenessCall it noodling an idea around, thinking something through or contemplation and if you’re an introvert, you are likely on board!

This time my inspiration comes from the pastor’s wife, at the church I most often am at on Sundays.

It was on her part an innocent observation to one of the church’s outreaches. She was thanking the members for all their time, energy and money, which helped get clothing to the people who need it in our community. The Andy Stanley quote she used that caught my attention is:

“Curb discontentment by becoming more aware of what people don’t have and less aware of what you think you need.”

Initially, hearing this made me a little sad. I didn’t make time to participate in the particular event. Then as I continued to think on it, other thoughts started to percolate for me.

I realized how maybe on my blog, I might be more aware of what I need and less aware of what others don’t have.

I wonder if you can relate that to your writing or blogging?

Increase Your Awareness Because Your Blogging Depends On It

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Pet Peeves Are as Bad as You Think

pet peevesDo we all have pet peeves?

Maybe your pet peeves are around social media, family, friends or work. We likely all have one for every area in our life. But these are just not healthy for us.

This week on Martin Luther King holiday my husband and I took the day off and headed to the movie theatre. That is where one of my biggest pet peeves showed up: people who do not silence their cell phones.

It was a delight to hear at least half a dozen pre-show reminders to – silence cell phones, don’t text, don’t call. The theatre had it all covered on the big screen for all to see and hear. They repeated it and repeated it. I just had to let the feeling around my anxiousness that this would happen go.

It worked too.

No cell phones ringing.

No signs of texting from where I sat.

Pet peeves are as bad as you think.

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Short Guide to Easy Ways to Succeed with New Habits

Having just returned home from the re-open house of our community workout facility, with it being just the third week of January, the main observation – many of us are still committed to our New Year Resolution.

According to most recent research about resolution effectiveness just 64% of us who make resolutions make it beyond the first month.

Kind of demotivating isn’t it?

There doesn’t have to be giving up like this.

Not for resolutions, or even for new habits you might want to put in place.

Here are six ideas for greater success. It’s a …

short guide to easy ways to succeed with new habits.

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award to Kick off the New Year

Very Inspiring Blogger AwardIf I had left Facebook (something I consider now and then) I would likely have not received this timely notice about this blogging nomination from one of my long time online friends.

I feel so grateful that Biba Pedron, nominated me for the writing I do. Biba is The Connection Queen. I met her in an online speed-networking venue that is no longer open. It was one of the most innovative online social media sites because it was a speed-networking environment, online. Biba blogs at

Thank you Biba for thinking of me. I’m delighted and honored. What a wonderful way to kick off the New Year indeed.

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Everyone Knows Someone Peculiar

Just when you thought you heard of every holiday – Introvert Day on January 2nd, Act Happy Week in March, Baby Boomer’s Recognition Day June 22, and many more. Some days celebrate more than one thing.

There may be other holidays on January 10 but the one each of us can celebrate is Peculiar People Day. Even people responsible for finding the origin of holidays couldn’t track things down. They speculate it might have something to do with a branch of the Wesleyan church, named Peculiar People. Who knew that?

If you like using any excuse for a holiday like I do, then now’s the time celebrate your unique and peculiar style on January 10.[Continue Reading…]

After New Years Eve: Celebrate January 2 as Introvert Day

Happy Introvert Day started in 2008 with an article entitled the same.

Then, National Introvert Day came on the scene January 2 2011. It’s a perfect place to be on the calendar with all the happenings of the winter holiday season. Either way, this introvert holiday is still in its infancy, as might be a global understanding of what it means to be someone more introverted.

if you’re up for another holiday, one that’s more quiet, then …

After New Years Eve: Celebrate January 2 as Introvert Day

What’s your perfect idea of celebrating Introvert Day? Oh I bet I know! It’s likely going to be a relaxed, quiet, alone and recharging kind of day.

We’ll each be different in the specific since few of us are totally introverted or extroverted. The key is to use this day after all of the holiday season to honor who you are, not what you think the rest of the world might expect of you. We already do enough of that through most of the year.

What about getting ready for the New Year with those resolutions? If you make them. That’s going to take some mental energy. Physical or mental energy is something we more introverted cherish.

How about taking your introverted self to new heights in 2015? One of my connections on LinkedIn told me he was looking forward to doing just that!

Or maybe you just want to take time to appreciate yourself as you are.

Whether you plan a day alone, partially alone or for the more extroverted, with others, National Introvert Day will be a day to expand your awareness of just what energizes you.

Figure out how you want to celebrate this day. Here’s a few ideas to kick things off and please, like an idea, comment or add your own way to celebrate to the list:

Celebrate January 2 as Introvert Day
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Patricia Weber

Celebrate January 2 as Introvert Day

Happy Introvert Day started in 2008 with an article entitled the same. Then, National Introvert Day came on the scene January 2 2011. It's a perfect place to be on the calendar with all the happenings of the winter holiday season. Either way, this introvert holiday is still in its infancy, as might be a global understanding of what it means to be someone more introverted.
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  1. 1  Take a walk outside.

    Take a walk outside.

    Getting outside for a walk alone, or just a friend not the neighborhood walking group, will be great exercise, lift your spirits and renew your energy. It's not a hike or a marathon. It's just getting in touch with nature.

  2. 2  Reflect, meditate.

    Reflect, meditate.
    If you weren't able to reflect and plan for the upcoming year with all the partying and celebrating, the day after is time enough. You're building your perfect day, so maybe build some time in for this kind of alone time.
  3. 3  Head to the car.

    Head to the car.
    Sometimes I'll go to our garage and sit in our favorite car, just to sit it in. No music, maybe crank up the engine with the garage door open, just sit back, eyes closed and enjoy the q-u-i-e-t. You''ll have to trust me on this but it doesn't need to be a Ferrari.
  4. 4  Get ready for your day.

    Get ready for your day.

    This will be your day so plan to spend it as you want to, at least to the degree you are able to without ticking off your more extroverted family and friends. At least give some people a heads up, "I"m doing nothing today."

  5. 5  Stay home or find a quiet venue.

    Stay home or find a quiet venue.

    We might like the quiet of our home, or it may be there's a little coffee shop (yes, even Starbucks will fit) you like to hang out at, or maybe the library in your town is open. The key point is, the choice is yours what to do. Most introverts will find more energy in less stimulating places.

  6. 6  Social network your way.

    Social network your way.

    One reason I love the online venue for communication, is I get to control how much I say, when to say what that is, and to whom I say it. Try telling a friend who just drops by your house to say hello, "I'll answer that question after a few minutes of thinking about it." Right.

  7. 7  Take time to discover your uniqueness.

    Take time to discover your uniqueness.

    If you aren't sure what it means to be more introverted maybe you could carve out a few minutes to take an online assessment to discover it. A search on "online introvert assessment" will get you there.

You’re more than welcome to, like one of the ideas – you’ll see a thumbs up by the idea, or comment or add your own way to celebrate introvert day.

End of Year Top 6 Ideas to Fuel Introvert Energy

Either it’s being more introverted or just getting older. I cannot wait for the holidays to be done with. Over. Finished. Finito!

This time of year I prefer to reflect and plan, but instead it’s filled with traveling and family visits. It’s a somewhat practical choice being that it makes sense to be that many holidays are for family. But this means coming back to email overload, mail catch up and over all just chasing my butt.

It gives pause to think an important question for someone more introverted, or anyone feeling low on energy: what are some …

End of year top ideas to fuel introvert energy?

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5 ways to safeguard your introvert identity

If you follow my “almost everything introvert” blog you know I often draw inspiration from my pastor’s Sunday messages. This week is no exception. He was talking about how we (Christ believers) are always in danger of having their identity stolen. We’re letting our identity be stolen, killed or destroyed.

No it wasn’t a fire and brimstone message. His messages are always full of energy, passion and everyday relatable circumstances.

It was at the turn in his message about his brother-in-law, his “kind of weird” relative, it dawned on me how introverts also need to protect their identity. Maybe Jacqueline Gum’s post, Weird … Where’s The Justice set me up for that.

But wait until you hear about what he said that brought on that light bulb moment!

And, what better time than the holidays to make and act on a decision of protecting our introvert identity?[Continue Reading…]

Introvert Friendly Guide to Holiday Exercise

The holidays are the perfect time for introverts to start engaging in exercise if somehow, it’s dropped off the to-do list. This may sound counter-intuitive but stay with me and maybe you’ll be influenced otherwise.

If you haven’t yet figured out if you tend toward being more introverted or extroverted, the Digital Citizen offers a free personality assessment based on both Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)* and Keirsey Temperament Sorter® (KTS®). Visit the website to both assess and download files specific to your type results.

Introvert friendly guide to holiday exercise, top 4 tips:

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5 Top #Introvert Traits We Can Be #Grateful About

introvert_gratitudeHave you noticed in the stores we’ve jumped right from Halloween to Christmas holidays? What’s missing in this picture? This year there is little decoration and still little sign of turkey and all the stuffing. But doesn’t that have the potential for us to be all the more grateful?

That’s what I love about Thanksgiving. It’s not crowded in the gratefulness arena.

This morning my pastor was talking about knowing our identity in light of God’s love. That got me thinking about how once an introvert can figure out who they are, then they can also figure out how to better navigate when happenings are more extroverting.

There’s no need to apologize, there’s no need to struggle with situations, and we, and anyone around us, can be happier being grateful for who we are.

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