4 Specifics to Celebrate for Introvert Freedom


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With the spirit of the July 4th holiday we are celebrating in the USA, it got me wondering, how is an introvert free?

Are we free from something or free to something?

The holiday is all about independence and freedom but the political nature of freedom is a topic for a different blog. As I started researching freedom it was quite evident this is a huge topic. What Price Freedom,,a blog post by Julia Barnickle, states people when asked to identify their top value will mostly say, freedom.

In looking at my own list of top five values while I didn’t find the specific word, it is obvious my values are centered in freedom.

It just might be true that in some way, we all value freedom.

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5 Tips To Understand and Get Out of LinkedIn Group Posting Jail

LinkedIn Top ContributorFortunately I was visiting with family and focused on enjoying our time together when I got this surprise about my LinkedIn “group posting status” appearing across any and all my pages.

The message in a blue box, on the right side of every page read, “Your posts are now being moderated group wide.” Group Wide Auto Moderation or GWAM.

What?! The groups where I contribute actively, that contribution scale on the right of the window will show “Top Contributor.”

The message of posts being moderated brought on feelings of surprise, frustration and even anger. This last feeling after I tracked down the LinkedIn explanation which is specifically vague. After all, if you don’t know what caused the problem how can you fully correct it and recover.

It almost felt I was given a jail sentence.

Another blogger, Jen Dewar, used the term SWAM, “site wide auto moderation” in a post on her blog, “Help! I’ve been SWAM’d on LinkedIn! Actually many people refer to that term.

I believe more appropriately it’s GWAM because you are still able to post LinkedIn status updates. But whether it’s SWAM or GWAM it is certainly something to track down, act on and correct. Here are 5 tips to understand and be able to get out of LinkedIn group posting jail.

It can be because of one contribution to just one group that LinkedIn does not identify for the accused, which marked as spam or flagged irrelevant.

For me it was hard to say how recent the post was. It could have been years ago since people often jump on posts that go back as far as I’ve seen to 5 years ago.

You know the kind of perpetual posts I mean: highly popular and evergreen content posts or a post that is the moderators invitation to promote yourself in some way.

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Introverts unique power tools in selling


from Patricia Weber video http://youtu.be/kqQxSrD9apc

So many people’s encouragement saying that I was “a natural,” steered my early career path to sales.


All these years later, I still don’t understand how we can be natural at selling. I do know selling is something I continue to learn and use. The corporate America sales training was invaluable although not entirely by today’s standards, because of how so much has changed.

If I understood then the relationship between sales and personality type as reported now, it’s likely I would have preferred to book an appointment with my dentist then move into selling.

We don’t see many people steering introverts into a sales career. Even though we have so many of the skills the potential customers crave for and don’t often find with a seller.

If there was any personality to sales relationship talk way back then, I was oblivious to anything related to introvert and extrovert differences and preferences.

You may think, “I’m not a salesperson, what would I need to understand about selling?”

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Introverts “on the level” approach to negotiation success

from Patricia Weber video at http://youtu.be/v5ndFo1NX4E

from Patricia Weber video at http://youtu.be/v5ndFo1NX4E

One editor reviewing my book commented on chapter eight: “Negotiations is something which brings out the confidence out in the open and right in front of you.”


Chapter 8 of Communication Toolkit for Introverts is all about using more of what the introvert has going for them than not, for better outcomes in win-win negotiations.

Negotiations happen everyday in business.

Maybe you want a bigger salary.

Or you have your eye on a corner office.

You have a conflict with someone else who wants to take vacation the same time you do.

What comes to your mind as an everyday business negotiation?

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Introverts can put down the axe to grind for conflict management

Image courtesy of bplanet / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of bplanet / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Learning to deal with conflict is a continuing process for me. In most situations I take on the conflict head on, instead of ignoring it. It may be because I am an introvert, Italian, a combination or just slow learning.

In all my years in sales and sales management, there was enough axe grinding among co-workers to kill a forest.

It turns out, several studies point to manager’s spending a good deal of time managing conflict. Like about 42% of their time.

Can you hear more trees falling?

There are many causes for workplace conflict occurring naturally from different department goals and job roles. When you mix in a person’s different needs, values and styles, is it any mystery why introverts and extroverts may have times they just cannot get along?

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Powerful Presentations by the Powerful Introvert


Image courtesy of chanpipat / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Have you ever felt or believed you were talented in or gifted with a particular skill and then when you try and write about it, you struggle? As a professionally paid speaker for many years I would not have thought that would be a situation for me, but it startled me to find myself almost speechless. Chapter six of Communication Toolkit for Introverts: Find your voice for everyday business success, is about success in powerful presentations!

This chapter begins by comparing the common occurrence of a presentation to a tape measure: if you have not used a tape measure in life, it’s likely you have seen one. If you have not given a presentation in your work, you most likely have had to listen to one.

As common as presentations or public speaking is, some people would rather walk a tightrope over a high canyon than speak in front of an audience. The introvert and extrovert might likely be in agreement about it!

What is presentation power?

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Light up Your Business Meetings the Introvert Way

In keeping with the toolkit theme for the upcoming book Communication Toolkit for Introverts, chapter 5 is titled, Your Head Band Light: Succeeding in the Business Meeting.

The metaphor

Just like the headband light can help with seeing the path ahead more clearly, meetings can be managed to be more effective. Even to the degree people might like to attend them.

Here’s how to let your introvert light shine in any meeting you are part of whether as the facilitator or an invitee.

“A meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours wasted.”

Captain Kirk of Star Trek fame is quoted as saying this. Yes, even Captain James T. Kirk, had a disdain for meetings. Is it any wonder?

Meetings in business are an everyday event. It could be in-person or online. For years the business productivity specialists have advised leadership, “Have a meeting when it is the only way to communicate the message.”

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Google Penalty: No get out of Jail Free card – happy ending

Google_Penalty_revokedIn Google Penalty: No get out of Jail Free card, part 1 and part 2, we identified my particular Google penalty – Unnatural Outbound Links, along with the actions I took up to the point of a Reconsideration request.

No. My first round of about 12 hours of time and energy did not bode well. But steps 1 to 6 were well worth the investment.

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Introverts Tighten or Open Up Your Listening Like a Hard Working Wrench

In business and our personal lives, as we might use a wrench to tighten or loosen some object, listening can either strengthen or open up communications for any situation.

Chapter 4, Communication Toolkit for Introverts is titled, Your Hard Working Wrench: Tighten or Open Up Your Listening.

NOTE: this blog post uses a variation of the chapter title, Introverts Tighten or Open Up Your Listening Like a Hard Working Wrench, although it is original new content, just for my blog. The book content is unique.


Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

How do we get to be good listeners?

The same way the often-told joke tells us how to get to Carnegie Hall.


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Google Penalty: No get out of Jail Free card – Part 2

The Google penalty is like any unexpected life situation – it comes out of nowhere. In Google Penalty: No get out of Jail Free card, which was part one, you learned about what kind of penalty my website and blog was hit with.

There was also some initial research needed to figure out what it all meant in which I shared a valuable resource.

After my negative emotions settled down, it was necessary to decide on a general direction to go to correct things, and for actual work to begin. So in part one you have steps 1, 2, and 3.

Now we’re into my next steps 4, 5 and 6.

In a couple of blog posts around this topic, included at the bottom of this post if you are interested, there were helpful suggestions for corrective actions.

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