You Put Me Into Your Google Circles, I’ll Add You to Mine – Not So Quick

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One reason many of us are so exhausted at the end of, or even during any one day is because of how technologically connected we are with social networks. It’s not just the introvert who can be affected negatively with this energy drain.

Recently one of my online local networking connections, Mark Vang, reviewed in detail how you can take control of the growing and already popular, Google+ Circles. Here are some of my take-aways that are guaranteed to help you get some of your oomph back.

Google Circles can be managed.

I had no idea about this capability until a recent chat popped up with someone I didn’t actually know, who I reciprocated adding to one of my circles.

Big mistake. “Google Chat uses circles to decide who can see that you’re online and who can chat with you.”

Understanding how this works and how easy it is to change the setting, I would it could have been relatively normal online day instead of an unsuspecting barrage of flirtations.

Find that setting now if you don’t want to engage in this kind of chat. It’s under the Settings tab. And look for, “Who can interact with you and your posts.”

The kimono is not open.

There is an old 1990s expression I recently have heard, which means people should not have secrets between them, “open the kimono.” One question to ask yourself about being online if you find it getting exhausting is do you want the public to hear about everything you want to share?

Are you on Twitter? Vang gives a perfect fitting analogy to Google Circles and Twitter: on Twitter everyone can see public Tweets by anyone. If instead you Direct Message someone only that person sees your tweet. On Google Circles, when you share a post to Public circles, everyone sees that post. So if you only want people in your circles to see your picture, video or content, then don’t select either Public or Extended circles.

Google content versus Facebook or LInkedin content.

Vang writes about how information that you put in your Google feed can be a combination of both professional and personal content.

You may be using Facebook that way but I’ll bet it’s not so for you with LinkedIn? Facebook, being like a community picnic might have both business and personal conversations going on. LinkedIn, more of a business networking organization, will have a focus on more professional conversations.

For certain, Google right now has a combination and people have toleration for both kinds.

If you are interested in connecting with me on Google+ circles, you’ll find me over  at Google, httpss:// And if you put me into your Google Circles, I … well … I could add you to mine!

To learn more about taking control of your Google circles, and getting some of your personal energy back, read a most informative, almost step by step post, by Mark Vang at Google Plus Circle Management 101

How are you managing your Google+ circles? Do you have any tips to add to Mark’s blog post? Add them here, we want to hear from you!






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  1. Geek Girl

    I have created a G+ cheat sheet which I am in the process of updating again. The recent changes have caused considerable confusion even among those who use G+ on a regular basis.
    Geek Girl recently posted…Word: Page break or section break?My Profile

  2. Susan Cooper

    That was interesting. i was somewhat aware that was the case but i haven’t had a problem, yet. I guess I try to treat all the networks I use as an opportunity to be a professional at all times because you just never know who is watching. That said I take my time as to who I add and why on any of them. Do I make mistakes? Yes but not as often as I would if I didn’t take a bit of care. Are my network followers growing? Yes, slowly and steadily. Just my thoughts.
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Woodbridge Moscato Wine 2012My Profile

  3. I actually have a circle on G+ called “Random Adds.” So far, I’ve only dropped one person. Most people get added to my “Authors and Bloggers” circle, though I do make use of about five other circles as well.
    Jeri recently posted…Where to Find Images for Blogs, etc.My Profile

  4. Cheryl please let us know when you have that Google “cheat sheet.”
    PatriciaWeber recently posted…What are Your Plans for Vacation from Social Media?My Profile

  5. Yes Susan, it’s a learning experience that seems to be never ending. Or maybe that is just me.
    PatriciaWeber recently posted…Google Hangouts Can Help Your Social Media InfluenceMy Profile

  6. Jeannette Paladino

    Pat — I have quite a few circles and you’re already included in my Social Media Colleagues Circle. I’ve yet to enlarge my header. So much to do and so little time! Google+ is very important for search so it’s a site I need to spend more time on.
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…Should Booz Allen Use Social Media in Managing its Crisis?My Profile

  7. Interesting information, Pat. Don’t write or post anything on Google + I would not want the whole world to read.

    Personally find the site a bit exhausting in the sense that sometimes a link doesn’ load and it can be complicated to add a post.

    Try to spend more time there but frequently get bored because it’s dull, to put it mildly. Having said that activity is moving there from Linkedin and Facebook. Makes sense because we all want to be high on SERPs.
    Catarina recently posted…Would you read an article about yourself?My Profile

  8. Lorraine Reguly

    I have multiple circles – bloggers, poetry, writing, publishing, social media/marketing, and LinkedIn connections, to name a few. I began with one called “Bunch of Awesome People”, which encompasses everyone, including those whom I don’t know. When I am “added back”, I put those who have added me back into a circle called “People who added me”.

    What I like is that Google+ recommends three people each time I am notified that someone adds me to a circle. I then, in turn, add these people to my circle “Bunch of Awesome People”, and when/if they add me back, then they go in my circle called “People who added me”. I read their About Page to find out how to further classify them (are they a poet, a marketer, a blogger?) and then add appropriate “checks” to my other circles. This helps me know who’s who. It’s helpful to me, and is my way of keeping things organized.
    Lorraine Reguly recently posted…4 More Blogging Awards, A Total of 27 Blogs to Visit, An Awesome Video I Found + Tips On How To Accept An AwardMy Profile

  9. Yes Lorraine, creating multiple circles is the way to go. I love the name of your Bunch of Awesome People. I think for me it is going to replace Facebook. Thanks.
    PatriciaWeber recently posted…Confident Communications for the Introvert PresentationMy Profile


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