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So many people’s encouragement saying that I was “a natural,” steered my early career path to sales.


All these years later, I still don’t understand how we can be natural at selling. I do know selling is something I continue to learn and use. The corporate America sales training was invaluable although not entirely by today’s standards, because of how so much has changed.

If I understood then the relationship between sales and personality type as reported now, it’s likely I would have preferred to book an appointment with my dentist then move into selling.

We don’t see many people steering introverts into a sales career. Even though we have so many of the skills the potential customers crave for and don’t often find with a seller.

If there was any personality to sales relationship talk way back then, I was oblivious to anything related to introvert and extrovert differences and preferences.

You may think, “I’m not a salesperson, what would I need to understand about selling?”

Maybe nothing, or maybe a lot.

One reviewer of Chapter 9 in Communication Toolkit for Introverts comments:

“If we could understand the selling 24/7 concept, the communication abilities of that person become reflexes as adapt as a handicapped person develops for themselves.”

This comment is gratifying. To me it means that the underlying message in this chapter was understood as communicated.

Selling is prevalent in our every day business situations.

1 – Selling in business is helping to move a potential buyer to a decision. In exchange for a solution they want, and decides on, they give us money.

2 – Selling in the business workplace happens without the exchange of money and instead, we find results of different kinds. Money in a budget could be an end result, but employee-to-employee it more likely mean results like acceptance of new ideas, a raise, a new position, or a preferred office space.

3 – Persuasion is how we often think of everyday selling because it’s usually about changing someone’s behavior or ideas in the workplace.

4 – Influence is present in both selling and persuasion and is the subtle range of skills in the process.

In this process, whether the result is exchange for money or results, in sales:

1 – The buyer makes a decision as we listen, so we can then prepare to sell the way the buyer buys.

2 – Listening is one of the key skills that allows the buyer to share information so we can learn about them, what their problem is and how we might solve it.

3 – Planning is crucial to the success of selling because it is in that authenticity an introvert will thrive. Just don’t miss that sweet spot.

4 – Make the decision that selling isn’t “dirty” but that as an introvert we may have to kick up some dirt to let go of some misconceptions about selling.

If you have heard anything since online marketing began, I guarantee it’s something like “People buy from people who they know, like and trust.”

Well how is it you think the buyer gets that mindset or feeling?

With someone who listens and responds in a way that shows they heard. Introvert skill.

With someone who is curious enough to ask questions to mutually find out more about the problem. Introvert skill.

With someone who shares the information the buyer needs and demonstrates they prepared and maybe even analyzed what they distilled to say that was only meaningful to that buyer. Heard of one-to-one relationships? Introvert preference.

The list goes on.

And yes you may detect my bias is that, introverts, maybe ambiverts, have the power tools for the most success in selling. The extroverting that goes into selling can be learned. Some of my more introverted clients are testimonials to that fact.

One is consistently now in the top of her network marketing company.

A couple turned results of a down economy into a successful new venture.

You get the idea.

What do you think is your greatest strength in selling?

What would be something you have to improve?

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  1. I think the main key to selling is listening to what the customer needs and wants and then showing them how you can provide the solution to their problem. In this way we can get past the idea that we are “selling” them. We are helping them.
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Nutella Panini: #RecipeMy Profile

  2. Absolutely, Pat. Listening and asking the right questions are the most important aspect of sales. That way the customer can convince him/herself.
    Catarina recently posted…How to get your news in the mediaMy Profile

  3. I am SO not a sales person. I do feel comfortable discussing the pros & cons of a subject so that an informed decision can be made. I guess that’s why I am not in sales. LOL
    Cheryl Therrien recently posted…#United Plant Savers: Planting the Future #ConferenceMy Profile

  4. I truly believe anyone who is in business is constantly selling, whether they realize it or not! The most important aspect of selling for me is being an active listener. If you don’t know what your clients’ problems are, how can you satisfy them? As far as a challenge, hmmm…. I can’t think of one now because as I have mentioned before, I do not fall into the category of an introvert!
    Laurie Hurley recently posted…5 Cool Social Media Shortcuts To TryMy Profile

  5. I have been selling for years. I think what works is showing a track record of not only yourself but of the product you are selling. Display your ability in problem solving, team building, having negotiation and managing skills. I would say the key to sales is to listen. When someone is telling you what they want, shut up and listen. I find I sell all the time and I don’t realize it. I hear my friends say to me that I am closing them. I guess it comes naturally.
    Arleen recently posted…Why Persistence is Key for your Business When Giving Up is Not an OptionMy Profile

  6. I think the key to selling is to believe in your product or service and understand what you are selling will benefit the buyer. Selling almost has a negative connotation, that you’re forcing someone to buy something they don’t need. That will never work anyway. So, when I visit someone who might be a client I feel they would be lucky if they bought my services because I deliver!
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…Don’t Steal Quotes from Social Networks, Says 2014 AP StylebookMy Profile

  7. William Butler

    Hi Pat,
    I agree with Susan’s reply. When you think about it, if you were like most children, you were likely involved in both sales and persuasion techniques when you sold your mother on the idea/ successfully persuaded her to give you a cookie.
    William Butler recently posted…13 Essential Vitamins For Personal SuccessMy Profile

  8. Excellent points Pat. We definitely need to feel the need to trust the person we’re buying from, and listening rather than being pushed into something is definitely going to get my attention. I can’t stand pushy sales people in whatever setting.
    A.K.Andew recently posted…Munir Bello – Do you Remember a Childhood Nightmare?My Profile

  9. Yes A.K., there are studies that have concluded, listening improves the trust between buyer and seller.
    Patricia Weber recently posted…5 Tips To Understand and Get Out of LinkedIn Group Posting JailMy Profile

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