Sales Tip – Top 3 Ways Introverts Selling Style Like Exotic Ferrari

As an introvert it’s not unusual for someone to say, “How can you be interested in a car like a Ferrari?” Okay I get it; Ferrari’s are flashy and loud which is uncharacteristic of introverts. Just what does this have to do with introverts and selling?

Until you drive one you may not understand this, however three main things about such an exotic car that satisfy introversion, at least the one we own are: the intoxicating sound of the engine inside is quiet enough to hear yourself think, as it takes curves it feels like it’s on rails and it’s history is about solutions. What does this have to do with introverts who sell? Introverts are similar to a Ferrari ride: quietly connecting, steadily taking the turns and built for more than a race. Here’s how introverts in sales are similar to this:

Selling is about connecting: Given that introverts often find it easier to listen than to talk, we’re naturally appealing to our prospect’s human nature to be heard. As we satisfy their need, we’re also allowing ourselves to sort through our thinking before we speak. This allows us the chance to help the prospect do they same: tune in to what they believe important. We’re connecting before we speak.

In sales it’s important to know there will be a turn of events. As we listen introverts are going to be naturally curious. This is an opportunity to help the prospect also find out what it is they really want. Asking questions first instead of spouting off your spiel actually furthers the conversation. Leave your sales pitch on the back burner; be yourself and allow others to talk first.

Selling is about providing solutions you hear the customer wants. Introverts are more about building deep connections not necessarily quantity. As told in Grand Prix History, produced by The Motorsports Publishing Group, LLC the history of Ferrari reports interestingly “racing was not used to sell more cars, rather cars were sold so that the team could go racing!” Introverts who outsell extroverts may likely have a similar philosophy: let’s listen, think things through, analyze with the prospect and come up with solutions.

None of this is to say extroverts may not have these traits; it’s just that introverts get their energy being true to actions like these.

Just like the Ferrari energy is not just on the outside, you can feel it inside, so the introverts energy to have a successful sales style, comes from inside. NOTE: my husband says he wishes I told him I felt this way about the car years ago so we could have had it sooner.

Back to business: what do you think about how introverts who sell are like a Ferrari or any other exotic car?

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  1. MIke Byrne says:

    Whether you connect with the Ferrari analogy or not, this tip is right on target. Asking about the prospect first frees them up to tell you what’s on their mind. Then you can engage them in a conversation about how you might help. But be careful that the second step is sincere and not just a replay of your sales pitch. If it sounds canned, forget the relationship. You are just another salesperson.

  2. WOW, what an analogy. Besides your coaching business you also know F-1 racing and Ferrari’s history. That being a pursuit for excellence at any cost.

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