How to Socialize More If You Are an Introvert Freshman?

NOTE: This is a guest post from an author who I hope you will agree, knows introverts!

How to Socialize More If You Are an Introvert Freshman?

For most people, parties, lunches and weddings conjure up images of mouth-watering food, interesting people and a relaxing time. For some, such social events resemble nightmares.

Are you tired of watching social butterflies (or moths) flit from one group to another exuding confidence? At this time, you grip your glass and grit your teeth painfully waiting for the second-hand to tick by slowly.

The following key points will hint you how to socialize more if you are an introvert freshman:

  1. Be approachable.

Take a deep breath. Smile. Relax. Look around to see if anyone is standing alone like you are. You will find out that there are other nervous people out there. Approach them if they smile in return. Start with a “Hello” and let the conversation flow naturally.

It is all right if nobody talks for a while – we do need to breathe (and eat or drink) now and then. In fact, if you are a good listener then you are ready to any conversation.

Do not be a wallflower – join the line at the buffet table and start chatting as you fill up your plate. Talking about food is easy and instantly engages people’s interest. Remember to keep your comments light and positive. Keep your complaints to yourself!

Do you know an easy way to make sure that you will not shy away from the crowd? You have to set a goal for yourself. For example, to talk with at least three new people when you attend a social function.

  1. Be prepared.

Since you are there to socialize more, you need to prepare a few questions on everyday topics. Closed questions allow the other person to respond easily: “yes” or “no” and elaborate further if they want to.

Open questions invite the other person to talk about the topic in detail. Such questions also help the both of you to find similar areas of interests. If you are out of ideas the furnishing and decorating, look around. You will see the food, the people around you. They may give you ideas of comments to make and questions to ask.

Besides everyday topics, your personal favorites are also interesting chat matter. Do you know the latest in pop culture and news? Did you return from a holiday recently? Or have you just started a hobby?

If you are lucky, you may meet someone you can click with instantly. Nevertheless, be mindful to oust others in the room.

Make a mental note to exchange contacts with your kindred spirit and get the conversation back to the group.

  1. Be sensible.While the young man successfully started to talk with a stranger on an unusual topic. Do not forget that personal comments or questions are still quite sensitive to most people. Such questions touch on a person’s age, appearance, ethnic background, marital status, political affiliations and financial background.

    In addition, the informal functions are for people to get to know one another better. It is also a snake pit for scandals since you will be back at work again on Monday.

    Due to this, always remember your P’s and Q’s, stay away from gossip (both the practice and the person). Therefore, do not forget to stick to safe topics of conversation.

    Lastly, few people care to chat if you talk about your medical condition. Nobody cares your family or money problems. The ones who are interested in such revelations are usually the office gossip, insurance or multi-level marketing agents.

    It is easy to dismiss how the informal functions are important. Believe it or not, many extraordinary events take place at these Dos – participants sign agreements and kindred spirits connect.

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  1. Jeannette Paladino

    I’ve found that when I approach someone standing alone, a good conversation starter is the question, “How did you happen to attend this event?” I’ve found that some people work for the company and came to hear the speaker, they are very interested in the topic, they want to learn more, etc. Sometimes you will want to join a group, but don’t know how to break in. A good question is, “this looks like a friendly group — may I join you?” I’ve always gotten a very nice response, like “why, of course!”

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