Top Easy #waystogrow Part Time Business After Retirement

Top Easy #waystogrow Part Time Business After Retirement

Top Easy #waystogrow Part Time Business After RetirementEven for someone more introverted, #waystogrow Part Time Business After Retirement brings its challenges. These days life is unpredictable, unstable and uncertain. Anxiety is present before we factor in our fears of this time of life.

But wait! As I think back over my decades, both work and life challenges can accompany us at any stage in life.

If you’re a baby boomer like me, you know whether you are retired or close to it, our retirement in not our parent’s retirement.

By reflecting on life more as a journey, an adventure, maybe we can find it more satisfying. Whether you were a small businessperson, entrepreneur or working as an employee if you have a desire or need there is still work after retirement.

Note: This is not a post to help you learn how working and earning and income in the USA could affect your Social Security httpss:// . You’ll need to do some research on that aspect.

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4 Ways to Celebrate Your Introvert Freedom


Copyright, Christopher Lee Weber

4 Ways to Celebrate Your Introvert Freedom

With the spirit of the July 4th holiday we are celebrating in the USA, it got me wondering, how is an introvert free?
Are we free from something or free to something?

The holiday is all about independence and freedom, but the political nature of freedom is a topic for a different blog. While researching freedom, it became evident this is a huge topic. What Price Freedom,a blog post by Julia Barnickle, states people when asked to identify their top value will mostly say, freedom.

In looking at my list of top five values while I didn’t find the particular word, it is evident my values center around freedom.

It just might be true that in some way, we all value freedom.

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What Introvert Assets Are Like Your Femur Bones?

introvert-femur-boneIn a LinkedIn post, Are You Using Your Introversion As Your Achilles Heel Or An Excuse? the point of the analogy was to avoid making excuses for being more of an introvert. It’s not a weakness at all to be more introverted.

If you’re not using your introversion as an excuse or find it to be your Achilles Heel, bravo!

Now let’s compare the reality that is, your introversion is your strongest asset. It’s like your femur bone.

Many authorities claim the femur bone, the only bone in the thigh, is the longest and strongest bone in the human body. Just as this is with the body, my thinking is that our introversion is our strongest personality preference on its own and weighed in with who we are overall.

Let me suggest at least three ways we might find our introversion to be our femur bone. Then we can eliminate any lingering self-doubt from, “woe is me I’m more of an introvert.”[Continue Reading…]

#Introvert Blog Choices for the Week

Sometimes I think I likely missed something important in the way of blog information posted during a week. Other times, I just know, the blogs I meant were just right for me at the time. Still other times, then along comes a blog recommended by a friend and wouldn’t you know it, I have to read – just one more blog post!

These are some of my favorite readings this week. Take what you like and ignore what you don’t.

#Introvert Blog Choices for the Week

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Raffle Fun and Free Giveaway for: Communication Toolkit for Introverts

With a book release being somewhat like a roller coaster of events, there is really, no time like the present for all things marketing. Besides… I’m one who likes to have fun no matter what is happening, and it is time for some raffle fun and a free giveaway.

Raffle Fun and Free Giveaway for: Communication Toolkit for Introverts

Since the publisher has one hold-up, due to an issue with the final editing staff, it’s still time to keep going. The twist of it is, to have some fun during the wait!

The publisher is more than agreeable to make several copies (PDF and paperback) available for this. You’ll see there are 3 (three) different prizes.

I’m using Rafflecopter to make life easy! Rafflecopter has the tools that a) randomly selects a number of winners from the entrants pool b) help to verify the winners’ entries & c) announce the winners directly on the widget.

All raffle entry details and your chance to enter are below, starting Friday August 29, 2014 at 6am EST. It will end on Friday September 19, 2014 at 6am EST.

I will post winners names the week of September 22, 2014.

So whether you call it a raffle or sweepstake, these books are given away to winners selected at random, at no cost regardless of the format.

Good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ah if only there were other kinds of “Copters” for other life situations.

Imagine this with me: you’ve written a book, it’s all edited, but the book is stuck some where in between the final edit and proof and the publication.

A “PublishCopter” approaches and hovers over the publisher.

“PublisherCopter” creates enough turbulence with it’s wings that every word on every page falls right into place.

Next thing is the book goes to print.

“PublishCopter” is printing out copies for distribution through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and others.

Your book launch and book tour has begun. Oh wait!

I’m not at this stage yet. It sure was feeling good though.

But remember, it’s time for some fun. There are plenty of ways for you to enter.

The prizes are plentiful: 3 copies of the downloadable PDF, 1 copy of the paperback, and 1 copy of the paperback with a coaching session if you would like.

Much thanks to the generosity of my publisher.

On to the raffle fun and free giveaways for you. 

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