Shhh …. How the Quiet Revolution is Growing

I learned I was more introverted when I was about 40 years old. I completed the MBTI during a management retreat, and it rated me as an INTJ. My Italian family didn’t believe me although no one likely knew what introverted meant. Family and friends assumed I was a shy but often brassy Italian girl from Long Island.

“Oh dear, this means my sales career is over,” was my first thought.

Seriously, I was close to the top of my game being just promoted to sales manager. I had no idea this was a career path not to be traveled by introverts let alone to be successful in it. Guess those executive recruiters didn’t know much about this at that time?

Discovering my quieter nature explained so much to me. I had a flashback to my Italian family traditions. “That’s it. They were always my encouragers to speak up.” That would likely make for another interesting post about growing up as an Italian, who’s more of an introvert.

Maybe knowing there is still so much confusion about what introversion means and doesn’t mean is why I accepted the recent invitation to be a Quiet Ambassador for Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution[Continue Reading…]

How Are You Allowing Blogging to Expand Your Abundance?

more-abundanceDon’t we want our blogging to attract followers, fans, commenters and customers? Attracting anyone like this, and more types of results are welcome in plentiful numbers.

Plentiful is the operative word. Plentiful being abundant and life it could be – joy, peace, health, security, wealth or you name what is you want more.

Best actions and mindset for Abundance always grab my attention. When Denis Roberts, CEO of Business Coaching for Premium Coaches told me about his new, Group Coaching With Friends For Abundance, my curiosity kicked in. I’ve known Denis through LinkedIn for several years now. Once we talked, I felt I must interview him for you to learn about this.

Many of you know me from a popular LinkedIn group, Bloggers Helping Bloggers. When I heard the description of this new group coaching, it sounded close to what we expect from those collaborative groups. Denis has what he calls is a slight shift.

I wondered about coaches who might want to know what Denis does differently as a coach, and how he’s filling the gap of traditional coach training.

[Continue Reading…]

Brainstorming: Bane Of Most Introverts But Writers Block Tool For Bloggers

“Pass,” is usually my first reply when the first question or problem is posed in a brainstorming session. As an introvert corporate trainer giving workshops about this process, and using it during them, right from the beginning I would make saying “pass” acceptable for everyone.

Maybe you don’t know? Introverts prefer a little time to think things over. That’s why typical brainstorming – fast-paced and heaving breathing – don’t generally work for us getting our best ideas heard upfront.

But what if you want to get some expertise advice for your next blog post because you’re feeling in writer’s block prison? Now there is a brainstorm tool for the introvert who wants to either get ideas, or contribute to helping someone else, on more introverted terms.

Brainstorming: bane of most introverts but writers block tool for bloggers.

In just starting to use this, maybe some of the more expert and longevity members of MyBlogU: Collaborate to Create Epic Content, will add their valuable comments.[Continue Reading…]

Beautiful Blogger: 7 Things I Have Learned About Personal Energy

beautiful blogger awardWhat a fabulous surprise this week to be nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by my blogging online friend, A.K. Andrew. Thank You A.K.

When she was nominated for this award she wrote about 7 Blogging Essentials for the Beautiful Blog Award.

There are actions required to take to get this award should it be bestowed on you:

1)  Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post. (see it here?)

2)  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. (Thank you again A.K.)

3)  Tell us 7 things about yourself or something you know. (Be patient a bit longer!)

4)  Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know. (The most fun part.)

Having just started my second blog, there are so many ideas in my head to write about, but about ME, is not on that list. Instead, here are some things I know.

7 Things I Have Learned About Personal Energy[Continue Reading…]

The secret to fast sustainable profit

Many of us are online because we what to create a business income from our gifts and talents. Others of us are here to have fun connecting with family and friends. Still others want to broaden their social circle, learn, express themselves, shop and more.

But even if you are not online for business and you want to learn how to move your business to the next level, my online collaboration partner of 3 years, Monique MacKinnon, is passionate about sharing what she knows about doing just that- getting faster to sustainable profit.[Continue Reading…]

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