How Are You Allowing Blogging to Expand Your Abundance?

more-abundanceDon’t we want our blogging to attract followers, fans, commenters and customers? Attracting anyone like this, and more types of results are welcome in plentiful numbers.

Plentiful is the operative word. Plentiful being abundant and life it could be – joy, peace, health, security, wealth or you name what is you want more.

Best actions and mindset for Abundance always grab my attention. When Denis Roberts, CEO of Business Coaching for Premium Coaches told me about his new, Group Coaching With Friends For Abundance, my curiosity kicked in. I’ve known Denis through LinkedIn for several years now. Once we talked, I felt I must interview him for you to learn about this.

Many of you know me from a popular LinkedIn group, Bloggers Helping Bloggers. When I heard the description of this new group coaching, it sounded close to what we expect from those collaborative groups. Denis has what he calls is a slight shift.

I wondered about coaches who might want to know what Denis does differently as a coach, and how he’s filling the gap of traditional coach training.

How Are You Allowing Blogging to Expand Your Abundance?

This interview is just 24 minutes but for those of you who want to hear just the snippets, fast forward to hear about these points:

3:10 Did you know there are two meanings to – virtual organizations?

4:29 What is in a “gap” to success for an otherwise Premium Coach?

6:50 How are some programs responding (or not) to the changes in the coaching industry?

8:15 What business skills are some coaches lacking that keep the independent coach stuck?

10:45 What does it mean to be able to balance the personal development mindset and pure business skills?

12:15 How can someone benefit from a blog that combines group blogging and the abundance mindset?

18:32 If it sounds like you might be already involved in group blogging with the abundance mindset, here’s the differences.

21:30 Hmmm. I wonder why my publisher didn’t think this about my writing?

If you listen to any, or all of this interview, you can hear many places of laughing out loud. Indeed, it was fun! Years ago in a group-coaching program I learned my top ten highest values. Having fun was number one. This interview was right in line with that.



It’s amazing how we can often find ourselves limited in our thinking. Let’s not limit our thinking about what our blogging can do for

Maybe every day we blog we want to – be grateful for being able to write, grateful for commenters, or grateful for something positive in the process.

If you enjoyed this interview, or even just are wondering is this something that might interest you, visit Group Blogging with Friends for Abundance.

How is your blogging filling your needs or wants for abundance?


About Denis: 

Denis Roberts is known for coaching his clients to rapid breakthroughs, fast growth and exceptional learning. He is CEO Business Coaching For Premium Coaches.  The company provides Online Business Coaching & Development for Highly-Skilled Coaches who are under-selling their services; and does so via Personalized One-on-One Programs.  Denis is a specialist in Coaching With Abundance  Visit his blog at <> or his website at

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  1. Blogging has opened me up to a whole new world. I now write almost daily and am therefore developing my skills. I am networking with fellow bloggers all over the world, some much more established than I am.

    I believe that blogging can and will open doors of opportunity. I am very much expectant.
    Phoenicia recently posted…Be prepared and ready for action!My Profile

  2. Jacqueline Gum

    For me as a writer, blogging helps me continue to work on my craft and keeps me writing about other things than the novel I am currently writing. It’s a great outlet and I love engaging with other bloggers…like Patricia Weber… who have taught me new things, opened me to new experiences and inspired me to be better and then better again:)
    Jacqueline Gum recently posted…Bless Your Heart…. Where’s The Justice?My Profile

  3. I can honestly say blogging was a life changer for me. I blogged for nearly 2 years before I wrote my first book and that came about as a result of the feedback and overwhelming support of my readers. On top of the fulfillment from writing, I have overcome my resistance to anything ‘techie’ as a result of managing my site. It’s been a wild ride at times, but an empowering one to be sure.
    Marquita Herald recently posted…Are You Settling for Less?My Profile

    • What an awesome blogging testimony Marquita! Truly a source to expand your abndance.

      For me, I turn 90% of the tech stuff over to my webmaster. Things just work better for me that way!
      Patricia Weber recently posted…Is Your Niche Blogging Attracting and Growing Your Online Reach as Much as You Want?My Profile

    • Marquita hi,

      Great news about your book, and how blogging facilitated this. I find the conversational aspect of blogging opens up so many fresh insights, and perspectives that this increasingly broadens & deepens the appeal of any writing. Congrats & wishing you every success!

      On the technology front, I’m a sucker for punishment; and, on the positive side, try to treat the frustrations (which spookily always seem to happen at the worst time) as character-building.


  4. Beth Niebuhr

    I enjoy writing my own blog posts but I also really like reading other people’s, totally different from my niche, posts as we get to do here. Group Coaching With Friends For Abundance sounds like the same kind of thing, kind of, getting to hear about very different niches there too and various points of view.
    Beth Niebuhr recently posted…How to Get Your Content ReadMy Profile

    • Beth I’m of a similar opinion with what Denis is doing being close to the blog awareness expanding when it comes to the LinkedIn group Bloggers Helping Bloggers.
      Patricia Weber recently posted…Is Your Niche Blogging Attracting and Growing Your Online Reach as Much as You Want?My Profile

    • Beth hi,

      Me too, I really enjoy the fresh perspectives that other people bring; and also like responding too. You are correct that, in some respects, this forms a part of “Group Blogging Coaching With Friends For Abundance” sounds like the same kind of thing.

      Where things are different, is that we meet and blog as a group around the shared purpose of “”Group Blogging Coaching With Friends For Abundance”, with a quest of continuously seeking unison & harmony, as conversations move to greater & greater clarity.

      This involves shifting from “me – you” conversations to “we” conversations, which grow in abundance for all participants & visitors.


  5. Thank you Pat for being such a great interviewer, blogger, and human being … an example to us all. I am relatively new to blogging. For me, the closer blogging is to journaling, the more we can share our inner reflections with the outside world … the more we can be our true selves … and the more we can connect with other free spirits … and experience the wonderfully abundant human beings that the universe connects us with … I also meet and “Group Journal / Blog With Friends For Abundance” … Check us out, and share in magnifying the abundance for us all through the link Pat has given above.

  6. SafariOnTheBlog

    Oh yes! Blogging has opened me up to a new world and opportunities. I enjoy blogging so much and i enjoy reading other blogs too. You never stop learning! I love it 🙂

  7. Blogging has helped me in a few ways. It has helped my writing for the better. I see a big difference in my posts now compared to the ones from 2 years ago. I’ve also had the chance to meet some other bloggers that have motivated me to continue to do good.
    Jason B recently posted…Stay Motivated New GraduatesMy Profile

  8. Blogging for me started as a way to spend time while I was on the road in a foreign country. I got to the point where going out every night was no longer something I could sustain and writing filled the gap between evening and sleep. It was a great way, and continues to be, for me to relive experiences and be creative. Hopefully my skill is improving.
    Tim recently posted…Soweto’s Stark ContrastMy Profile

  9. Blogging for me has been a really interesting experience that has enabled me to learn about issues I had never even paid attention to.

    My blogging friend Patricia Weber is a great example. Honestly had never even thought about the difference between extroverts and intorverts.

    Have because of getting to know Patricia realised that thought I’m mainly extrovert I sometimes am a bit introverted. Another aspect is that I understand much better why people I come across react in their introverted ways. Having said that, a lot of what Patricia writes about in this blog and in her recent book applies to both introverts and extroverts.
    Catarina recently posted…Do you know how to leverage your skills?My Profile

  10. Blogging has helped me get out and try new things and be able to share the process. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Sabrina Q. recently posted…Customized Vanity OrganizingMy Profile

  11. Pamela Chollet

    I love the idea of attaching gratitude to blogging. It is so true. When I began blogging my idea was to create posts on the stress and anxiety in the world of voiceovers. Then I happen to write a post on the origins of anxiety. I received ONE comment from someone who was so grateful for the information. That comment, the expression of gratitude, changed my entire thinking. I thought,” How many more people are struggling”? I knew I could delver helpful information to those who felt they were alone trying to cope with the stresses of everyday life. Do you know I think of her every time I create a post? Now you’ve given me another thought, to be grateful that I can help. I love that…thank-you.

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