#Romanceawarenessmonth How to love or fall in love again with your work, or business

Remember the movie “Romancing the Stone”? Whether you do or not is fine because this is not a blog post about the movie. This post is meant to be a metaphor of this phrase jewelers use to refer to a step to prepare a gem for use in jewelry.

How do we romance our business to turn our unique, maybe unimposing stone into some more attractive and significant jewel?

No matter what model or size your work or business is, it might be the time to cut or polish a stone into a jewel.

#Romanceawarenessmonth How to love or fall in love again with your work, or business

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If You Have Bad News Give Them A Sandwich- The Art Of The Bad News Sandwich

Introverts thrive being prepared. Of course in sales or customer service, when we have to deliver bad news, it can help to have a kind of template which we can be creative with to deal with the potential conflict. Here is something for the introvert who wants to master giving bad news, one bite at a time: If You Have Bad News Give Them A Sandwich- The Art Of The Bad News Sandwich by guest blogger, Pete Kontakos

When you are dealing with clients and customers it is inevitable that you one day you will be asked to deliver some bad news to them. As a professional your goal is to give them the bad news in a way that leaves them understanding that you care and if possible, have a solution to their problem.[Continue Reading…]

Stress Releasing Tips in Call Center Employees

Customer service is part of anyone’s role most days. You can be an employee, an entrepreneur with employees or a sole practitioner and you will have customer service issues. When such an issue does happen, it’s important to recognize that it’s already a high stress situation for the customer! Once you keep that in mind, then it’s important to take care of your personal stress releasing needs.

While this guest blog post focuses on people working with often hundreds of calls a day – I can only imagine – the tips are worth keeping in mind even if you have just that one unhappy, or angry or otherwise disgruntled customer.

Want an energy surge? Reduce your stressors!

Stress Releasing Tips in Call Center Employees

CallCenteragentWith the vehement technological growth, talented workforce mostly works in a hi-tech environment, run by computer technology. Several research efforts have proven that the most stressful area of work, is serving in the customer service area. The time pressure, high volume of calls, poor ergonomics, job insecurity, and lack of proper sleep are the main reasons for stress among call center employees. Work stress at Call Centers affects employees in different ways like low productivity, absenteeism, reduced job satisfaction, chronic fatigue, and insomnia.[Continue Reading…]

Do You Know Online Services Who Deliver Customer Service To Exceed High Expectations?

Customer Service Rating

As a corporate trainer who has delivered customer service workshops and training to hundreds, if not thousands of individuals, there is a distinct difference in customer service that – just solves the issue, versus customer services that exceeds already high expectations.

When the worst things happen, people are quick to tell everyone. I do that myself with lots of sad material at hand for a workshop.

And when the best things happen, it’s just as important to let people know that customer service IS alive and well.

Like most people online there comes a time when everything you are trying with a particular action on a social media website, isn’t working to get what you want done. But do you know that there are online services who deliver customer service beyond expectations? {EAV:6a548d732e8e4215}[Continue Reading…]

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