Do You Know Online Services Who Deliver Customer Service To Exceed High Expectations?

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As a corporate trainer who has delivered customer service workshops and training to hundreds, if not thousands of individuals, there is a distinct difference in customer service that – just solves the issue, versus customer services that exceeds already high expectations.

When the worst things happen, people are quick to tell everyone. I do that myself with lots of sad material at hand for a workshop.

And when the best things happen, it’s just as important to let people know that customer service IS alive and well.

Like most people online there comes a time when everything you are trying with a particular action on a social media website, isn’t working to get what you want done. But do you know that there are online services who deliver customer service beyond expectations? {EAV:6a548d732e8e4215}

Typically to get online help, you locate the “Help” tab almost ready to jump through your computer screen. You obligingly fill in the form fields, and then you click send. And you wait, wait, and wait for a reply. What you get back is – an automated default reply to let you know your comments were received and someone will be with you with 24 to 48 hours.

That’s the typical process with most social media platforms. There are those who have a more personal and prompter process like – Triberr, CommentLuv, Technorati and one extraordinary Webmaster.

Here’s a tip of the hat, a lovely British term I believe, to these four outstanding online providers:

Triberr, a blog tool to bring a wider audience to find your posts. Their response to your help is often within minutes, clear and they even go they extra mile for you if you like, and log in with a user name and password to ultimately solve the solution quicker than you can on your own.

– CommentLuv, a WordPress plug-in that can bring more traffic and comments to your blog. Using a Zen desk support area, they use clarifying questions, get back with you within minutes, and will make one suggestion after another.

Theresa Wagar, extraordinary Webmaster who creates and manages the functioning of your website and blog usually behind the scenes. In the end all exceedingly high customer service is because there are people, who care about your satisfaction, and their mantra is, “Let me help.” After I told her, I’ve got things handled, she was in the background. Not being able to just watch a particular problem going on for two days, she stepped in, and within 10 minutes, all was well again in blog land.

Some online service is lackluster. You know the kind I mean – people forget to follow-up with you to resolve your issue, or are just as slow to respond beyond what their automated message states, or don’t ask questions or even often send you down a rabbit trail.

Do you have some of those experiences?

What has been your experience with online vendors customer service? Is it more excellent? Or maybe not so good? Tell us a story if you like about your best – only the good please – memory of excellent online customer service.

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  1. Tom Smith

    Patricia, Zappos has set the standard for everyone else. My guess is that’s why Amazon bought them.

  2. Good point Tom! I love Zappos. Early on in my blogging days, I got a shout out from their Twitter account.

  3. Nice to meet you here Karen. Triberr is terrific – as you can tell I’m a big fan. I’m usually in and out in 30 minutes with how I do things online. Yet I DO know what you mean about a lot of posts depending how many tribes you accept invitations.


  4. I’m a big fan of CommentLuv one of the best plugins/system going for bloggers at the moment, it never fails to produce what it says it will.

    I also use Triberr quite a bit, though sometimes it can be overwhelming when I have a lot of posts to go through selecting which ones I would like to share 😉
    Karen Woodham recently posted…Carnaby Street The Musical Welcomes New CastMy Profile

  5. I am big fan of Triberr. It takes some managing but it can be a tremendous tool. I have not had any experience with CommnetLuv because I use Disqus. I just hire a new web guy. I am the first to say I am at a loss sometimes as to how do some of things that are needed to make a good website so I hire an expert. 🙂
    Susan Cooper recently posted…A to Z Wine Terms & Definitions: WineMy Profile

  6. Susan, it’s wonderful to have a team to count on. A web guy is the best place to start. You were the person who introduced me to Triberr – thanks.
    PatriciaWeber recently posted…The Health Risks of Failing to Cope with IntroversionMy Profile

  7. Jeannette Paladino

    I often wonder if filling out a help form is the equivalent of shoving your message down a black hole. When I search and search for a phone number on a website and don’t find one that tells me that customer service is not a top priority. When you go through menu hell and don’t get the option to click “O” for operator that’s another bad signal.
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…Use Mobile Technology to Engage Your Customers, or Bye-ByeMy Profile

  8. I do think Jeannette, that there are many more of those awful stories like you describe that we hear about, and not enough of the good ones. That’s why, I had to highlight the superior service I received. Thanks.

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