You Might Say Coincidence, Serendipity; I Would Say God

We each have times of our life that can seem as if the stress of a situation is unbearable. Surely you’ve had one? In particular, when the unbearable brings to light a miracle, You Might Say Coincidence, Serendipity; I Would Say, God

For me, one time was when my dad fell at age 92 and broke his femur bone. How in the world can you be blessed to be that old, never breaking a bone, and then breaking the strongest bone in your body?

Intuitively, his fall for me seemed to be a prediction of things to come. I found comfort and strength through my daily prayer and meditation more than anything else. In this post I share some of the Bible verses that helped me through this anxious time.


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How To Make Two Steps To Guard Ourselves For Amazing Positivity

How To Make Two Steps To Guard Ourselves For Amazing Positivity

Early this year when you may have set your New Year resolutions, I chose my “one word”  to guide me in my life. Surrender.

With close to a dozen family, health and life issues brewing worry, fear, anxiety and even anger were stirring in me. Each situation dug its claws into me when they were starting just a little over two years ago. If I fought back on my own, or ignored them, I’m not sure where I would be today. Nor do I know of what the state of the situations would. But for me, surrender, actions, and mindset all helped me through all of it.

Family can be messy with conflicts, financial pressures, marital issues, deaths, and illness. When such situations happen, we can live with negative thinking in our mind, and then we find we may not be able to succeed in our life the way God intends for us. Our efforts to do anything positive or can become very hard to achieve because of our mindset.


Negative thinking can cause just about everything in our life to be unstable, including our spiritual life. My assumption number one: we have a spiritual life. I know some don’t.

How To Make Two Steps To Guard Ourselves For Amazing Positivity

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AWAKE #introverts! Work from your strengths for smoother sailing

There’s a metaphor online which I referenced in my book Communication Toolkit for Introverts. It ties in with this chapter of AWAKE #introverts! Work from your introvert strengths for smoother sailing. In general, it’s this:

In some ways, we are like a sailboat. A sailboat can have problems. These problems are like our weaknesses. Could be holes in sails or, worse, holes in the boat.

If any hole in a sailboat is not patched up – trouble!

Sailboats have sails to manage their travels. Consider sails like our strengths. Sails get hoisted, trimmed, and deserve attention to know how they are working and their condition. If we don’t pay attention to maximizing what the sails do, we can find ourselves not going anywhere, going slower than we want, or not at all.

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AWAKE #introverts! How to go from good to best Affirmations

Maybe you’re just a little like me: the tried and true affirmations don’t work for me. In my new Scoping series, the second episode is, AWAKE #introverts! How to go from good to best Affirmations You can listen live every Friday on Periscope  Or sometimes my Facebook fan page,  Or if you prefer to read, catch a summarized blog post of each Scope episode.

AWAKE is an acronym to help know and remember what each part will review and cover.

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AWAKE #Introvert: How to Go from Fear to Remarkable

If you are more of an introvert and want to get your voice heard in any business or life situation, the AWAKE #Introvert: How to Go from Fear to Remarkable series could be just for you!

Over at Periscope and even Facebook live, on most Fridays, you’ll be able to participate in the conversation of the AWAKE formula.

Or maybe you want to sit, listen and reflect and are quite satisfied with other viewers live, in the background. You can do this on Twitter! If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll get my Tweet announcing the live stream is going.

In using what could be a meaningful introvert acrostic, you can discover:

AWAKE #Introvert: How to Go from Fear to Remarkable

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