Google Penalty: No get out of Jail Free card

Life is going along in the flow. Paid work is coming in. Prayers are being answered. Whack! Suddenly an email appears from Google with a warning. Google Penalty: no get out of jail free card!

As a blogger online for years with minimal negative experience of the Google changing algorithms, even seeing the phrase, Unnatural outbound links, can momentarily raise the normal heartbeat.

When I saw the email the first emotion that hit me was confusion. Talk about stress. Google’s links in a penalty notice are anything but transparent! Oh, it’s clearly stated but they give you quite little to go on. You have to behave like both Christopher Columbus exploring new worlds, and Sherlock Holmes asking many questions.

Then, I found a video with Matt Cutts, Google’s main liaison with webmasters, saying Google is “trying to be more transparent.” You know what Star Wars character Yoda says about trying?

“Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Transparency? Yep; Google is not. Oh there are some hints for you but, you are pretty much going to have to navigate, question and for me, in the end, hire a pro to get the Google Penalty removed.

Here’s my story, and I stick to it.

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Planning Your Blog around the Holidays

holiday-blogging-introvertsDecember again, and that means the holidays are back! It’s time to deck the halls, light the candles and join in the spirit of the time of year. Between getting and giving presents, attending parties and finishing up the rest of 2013’s work ‘stuff’, probably the last thing on your mind is managing your blog. After all, this extremely social time of year can be physically and emotionally draining.  It can be easy to let your blog fall by the wayside, but it’s important to follow your routine.

During the holidays, your readers will still be looking for new content. Blog followers can be impatient, so if you go without new posts for a few weeks, they will start to look for alternatives to your blog. By the time January rolls around, it may be too late to win them back. Here are a few simple tips on planning ahead this December to keep up with your blog and everything else on your plate during the holidays.[Continue Reading…]

Easy Fitness Tips Perfect for a Busy Baby Boomer During Family Visits

When I began to work out at age 30 I did not realize what it takes to have the stick-to-it mentality to avoid the get around-to-it mindset in regards to exercise. Still all these years later, I’m on the search for easy fitness tips perfect for a busy baby boomer during family visits.

Fitness is important at any age and even more essential for baby boomers. This most recently impressed me when on my most recent visit with my son and granddaughters. Just when I think I am an energy gold mine, to have that vim and vigor serving me every day, they show me a complete new level of it.

But I think I out did the youngsters when I was the only one of our family dancing for four straight minutes to the “YMCA” tune at one of their church events. WOW! The song is one of my all time favorites.

And some of the online versions are just awesome!

We baby boomers seem to be all about feeling younger and staying fit. Often I find family visits with the girls difficult to stay with my routine so I had to find a few solid ideas to would work easily into an already packed family visit schedule.[Continue Reading…]

Publisher and Author: Tribe, Timelines and Discipline

love-to-writeWith over a dozen introvert, and a few extrovert, communication skills specialists to interview, my book writing is taking on a broader and deeper meaning. This means that one of my goals for taking the publisher’s offer to write the book is going to be met.

Thank you for all your questions to allow me to more easily share what is important about the process with you. Here are this week’s top questions about my relationship with the publisher and the process.

How did you build a tribe?

The short answer is, consistently, through networking online and in real life, and over time.

The broader answer starts with [Continue Reading…]

What Is Productive Procrastination?

Procrastination is a dirty word, there is no doubt about it. Whenever someone says they are procrastinating, a little part of the mind seems to rebel. You aren’t doing what needs to be done, you are being lazy, you are putting off something important out of a lack of motivation…no matter what way you phrase it, it doesn’t sound good. Yet, it is something we all do from time to time.

But it isn’t always a bad thing. In face, there is such a method of being efficient called productive procrastination. Essentially, this is procrastinating the right way. It allows you to put off or wait on a specific task that takes a lot of effort, while still keeping you busy enough that the time isn’t wasted.

Here are some tips on being a productive procrastinator.[Continue Reading…]

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