Top 10 Chicken Quotations Disguised as One Introverts Humor

Everyday sayings, Top 10 Chicken Quotations Disguised as One Introverts Humor, about chickens, can give a person pause to think about how one of God’s little creatures could be so prevalent in our daily lives. It just seemed like an interesting comparison. If you’re more of an introvert and ever find yourself feeling “chicken” in any way, consider some chicken quotations to help you the next time you feel – chicken-hearted. [Continue Reading…]

AWAKE #Introvert: How to Go from Fear to Remarkable

If you are more of an introvert and want to get your voice heard in any business or life situation, the AWAKE #Introvert: How to Go from Fear to Remarkable series could be just for you!

Over at Periscope and even Facebook live, on most Fridays, you’ll be able to participate in the conversation of the AWAKE formula.

Or maybe you want to sit, listen and reflect and are quite satisfied with other viewers live, in the background. You can do this on Twitter! If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll get my Tweet announcing the live stream is going.

In using what could be a meaningful introvert acrostic, you can discover:

AWAKE #Introvert: How to Go from Fear to Remarkable

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Romance Awareness month: are you making these blunders with your #introvert love

When this introvert hears romance, my preference leans towards small, quieter gestures. My husband and I often surprise each other with a hide and go seek game. In using a favorite toy of ours, – no, don’t let your mind go there my friend – one of my speaking and training props, often accompanied with a little love note.

But, I’m married to an extrovert who more often surprises me with romantic gestures that can annoy me. My dislike is likely because I hate most surprises.


image from

In honor of #RomanceAwarenessMonth here is:

Romance Awareness month: are you making these blunders with your #introvert love

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Shhh …. How the Quiet Revolution is Growing

I learned I was more introverted when I was about 40 years old. I completed the MBTI during a management retreat, and it rated me as an INTJ. My Italian family didn’t believe me although no one likely knew what introverted meant. Family and friends assumed I was a shy but often brassy Italian girl from Long Island.

“Oh dear, this means my sales career is over,” was my first thought.

Seriously, I was close to the top of my game being just promoted to sales manager. I had no idea this was a career path not to be traveled by introverts let alone to be successful in it. Guess those executive recruiters didn’t know much about this at that time?

Discovering my quieter nature explained so much to me. I had a flashback to my Italian family traditions. “That’s it. They were always my encouragers to speak up.” That would likely make for another interesting post about growing up as an Italian, who’s more of an introvert.

Maybe knowing there is still so much confusion about what introversion means and doesn’t mean is why I accepted the recent invitation to be a Quiet Ambassador for Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution[Continue Reading…]

Everyone Knows Someone Peculiar

Just when you thought you heard of every holiday – Introvert Day on January 2nd, Act Happy Week in March, Baby Boomer’s Recognition Day June 22, and many more. Some days celebrate more than one thing.

There may be other holidays on January 10 but the one each of us can celebrate is Peculiar People Day. Even people responsible for finding the origin of holidays couldn’t track things down. They speculate it might have something to do with a branch of the Wesleyan church, named Peculiar People. Who knew that?

If you like using any excuse for a holiday like I do, then now’s the time celebrate your unique and peculiar style on January 10.[Continue Reading…]

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