Introvert Networking Tip – Answer to "What do YOU Do?"

As an introvert, showing up at networking requires a few ways of preparation. My favorite online networking website, Blitztime, is perfect for introverts to show up with total confidence! I’ve started a group there – The Consummate Networker. Come and look to see if you want to join. While it’s not an introvert exclusive group, my aim is for it to help anyone, networking for any reason, to have the skill set to Show Up, Dive In and Follow up, with confidence and comfort so results will be easier. As I line up speakers for the groups events, I’m meeting quite knowledgable people. One of them, Barbara Lopez, is “The Elevator Pitch Coach” and I hope she’ll have time on her calendar to give some “Show Up” perspective. Her blogpost, Don’t be too mysterious, has a perfect approach that even introverts will like.

The common question, “What do you do?” quite often gets common answers! Have you noticed? No offense to anyone person or any particular field but I hear these a good deal: “I’m a realtor,” or “I’m an insurance agent,” or “I’m a Xango representative.” And then I think, “Oh, another one of them.” Common questions don’t mean you want to give a common answer.

Barbara has a unique perspective on how to be uncommon and at the same time, not too mysterious.

Here’s one of her examples, “I save people money by offering the lowest insurance rates possible.” Much nicer than, “I’m an insurance agent.”

Read her article to see her “lesson from Journalism 101,” as she calls it. It’s a nice formula which is the perfect kind of structure for an introvert to grab hold.

How can you reframe your answer to the question, “What do YOU Do?”

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