Introvert Tip – 5 Ways to Weather Negative Myths like a Breeze

Everyday I savor my introvert nature so I have both enough and clean energy. But myths about introverts are borderline memes and put an undeserved cloud over us. One definition of memes is “they are viral and propagate around sometimes mutating as they propagate.” But memes and truth do not travel hand in hand. Here are five ways to weather the myths:

Shower: Shower yourself with a full understanding of all the strengths you have. Introverts make up almost 50% of at least the USA population. We just do things differently than extroverts. If you fail to have that clear understanding you’ll begin to chime in with the critics and it just isn’t so.

Lightening rod: You don’t have to be a lightening rod for criticism. Criticism is wasted energy anyway. Read about our nature, talk with other introverts who may have a clearer understanding of the whys and how’s to help reflect the lightening.

Gusts: Criticism will hit you from every side because of the wide continuing lack of understanding of introvert and extroverts. People talk about energy in many venues so use a comparison around energy to blow back at the blow-hards. For example, if someone criticizes you about being a loner, offer “I just need a little time and space to energize myself.”

Blizzard: When you know you are going to have a blizzard of activity on any particular day, plan short breaks to be by yourself to recharge yourself. This will not only strengthen your planning ability, you will stretch your creativity with before, during and after energy bursts.

Breeze: The challenge is the opposing forces of the myths. But with your introvert nature, you’ll find the way to think things through and find the truth in them. And soon the truth will be like a fresh breeze.

Dress up to weather the top five negative introvert myths: thinking of the word only as a noun, thinking you are anti-social, believing you are shy, being called aloof and often even accused of being unaccomplished.

Can you use any of these ways to create maybe, a 5-day forecast of better weather for yourself?

Can you add any other ways to thaw the myths from becoming memes?

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