Introvert in Business – 5 Myths to Turn Around

As an introvert I know the myths about us and I know – they just aren’t true. I was reading Rich DeMatteo’s blog post, 5 Networking Tips For Shy Or Introverted People which made me chuckle about the whole business and social networking action. I did comment there but since it still isn’t showing up, here’s my sense of the message.

Successful networking for introverts is about knowing how to use our energy effectively at just the right moments. Extroverts are always putting their energy out which works for them. Too many introverts try those same tactics which are counter-productive to our nature. In DeMatteo’s post you can find the in and out of our introversion at just the right times to make networking, online and in-person comfortable and successful.

If you start with online networking, you can use that as a springboard to connect one to one.

You have the benefits of deciding who to connect with, whether to take the relationship any deeper and decide on just the right time to take action.

Remember: we are NOT – anti-social, aloof, shy, unaccomplished or deserving of a label that puts us in a negative light, even in networking.

What do you think about the balancing of our energy related to online and in-person networking?

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