Introverts – Don't JUST Run With Those Plans in Your Head!

Overwhelm – it’s often a problem for introverts in business because of the time we spend in our head. Silly Olympics – Are you a runner? by Cathy Demers talks about why it’s important to clarify your goals.

    Depending on your age, and perhaps your sense of humor, you may be familiar with the Monty Python skit “the Silly Olympics”. Even if you do recall it take a brief moment and watch the first 30 seconds of this YouTube video:

    If you can’t view the video, let me give you the highlights: The 27th Silly Olympiad, an event held traditionally every 3.7 years, which this year has brought together competitors from over 4 million different countries. The first event in the Silly Olympics, as the announcer explains, is the 100 yard dash for people with no sense of direction

    Warmed up, in good shape, and ready to go the runners are all nicely lined up at the starting line…the starter pistol fires…and they are off at great speed. Where do they go? Nowhere. Do you look like one of those runners? Do you FEEL like one of those runners?

    Many business owners I know run their business like they are contestants in the Silly Olympics. Oh, they start with great enthusiasm and energy and fly from the starting line.

    But, for far too small business owners who proceed without a clear vision of the finish line, they end up just running in circles. Eventually exhaustion and frustration takes hold until they finally give up the race altogether and head back to the lockers (a “real” job).

    The prices you pay for being a contestant in the silly Olympics are huge! Your money, self-esteem, future security, physical and mental health, and relationships can all be left in the dust.

    The price small business owners who find themselves in the Silly Olympics pay most often, second only to lack of financial success, is overwhelm. Overwhelm!

    If you are feeling overwhelmed in any way I assure you it’s not because you have too much to do. As a small business owner that will never change. Never has, never will. It’s because you have joined the race for people with no sense of direction. Want to run a race you can win? Develop a clear vision of the future of your business.

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