Job Search Tip – Introverts Can Plan Small-Talk for Job Interview

It’s really possible introverts can enjoy the interview process. The 30-Day Rule is mentioned by Phyllis Davis executive coach, The Rules Have Changed American Business Strategies for a Brave New World. What I love about it is the impersonalness of it – it so fits introverts. It involves sharing impersonal information about events or interests in your personal life during a span of 30 days on either side of today. In other words, tell people what impersonal events or interests have happened to you within 30 days before “the day” and what impersonal events and interests will occur within 30 days from “that day.”

The cold truth is, people really don’t want to know every little giddy detail about you in a business job interview environment. Just paint a picture of who you are with broad brush strokes. Here are some examples:

– You just read a certain book. Or you just bought a book to read.

– You’re taking a class in two weeks. Or you just took a class this weekend.

I know; they are introverted actions but that’s fine. Relate these 30 day stories to aspects about the job if you can and you are heads up above another candidate. The 30-Day rules gives people the appearance that you’re sharing intimately with them, but actually, it is just the opposite of intimacy – you’re just giving them impersonal information about yourself. If you find you need to pep up the interview with small talk use The 30-Day Rule. You can actually use it any time you want to engage in business or personal conversation with someone you just met.

My partner Kati Pratt, former executive recruiter, and myself created online ecourses for all facets of the job search process. Even though Kati is an extrovert and I’m an introvert, it has specific but unique tips like this last one.

Perfect for introverts? What do you think?

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