Business Networking Tip: How to Make and Utilize Contacts, Not Lose Them

Networking is the art of making and using your contacts.

Too often people think it’s all about “getting,” but the truth is, you have to give to get.

Just how do you make this philosophy work?

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Introverts Find Success in Networking with a Go-Giver Focus

If you’ve read my Networking Secrets for Sales Reluctance: How I Overcame Unsuccessful Networking as an Introvert, you’ll partly know why I love The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. For almost my first 10 years in business my mentors had instilled more of a Go-Getter philosophy. But I’m here to tell you, if you have any doubt that the Go-Giver is bogus, and can’t possibly help you get what you want, I hope you can and will join me in listening to Bob Burg Thursday, Nov 12 and then IMMEDIATELY put any one of the Five Stratospheric Laws of Success into action with online speed networking; if you can’t be there, then read further to discover just one thing I stumbled on as an introvert in business with Go-Giving being my philosophy by necessity. [Continue Reading…]

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