Salespeople Add Four Stars To Your Own Movie Premier

Virtually all selling has that initial contact between the salesperson and the prospect. Whether you sell business to business or business to consumer, whether the prospect initiates the contact or the salesperson does, this is the time to premier your own movie.

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Top Salespeople Are Not Dunces

November 8: Dunce Day. Salespeople don’t wear dunce caps, at least not on purpose. The dunce cap is named after a 13th-century philosopher, John Duns Scotus, born in Duns, Scotland. He believed this conical shaped hat increased learning potential using the theory that knowledge flows from the apex into the mind of the wearer. How can you be more like top salespeople? How do you avoid any “dunceness?” Here are some ideas to take off that dunce cap:

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Salespeople Sell Simply So Successfully

Someone claimed November 7th an International Tongue Twister Day. A tongue twister, a phrase or sentence, usually that rhymes and because it has similar sounds, can cause some mispronouncing. For a salesperson, these familiar seven tongue twisters are in honor of the sales trait twisters.
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Salespeople still sell well in this economy!

The Ferrari salesman who we bought our F430 from is making the news: he continues to sell these exotic sports cars without any problems. Just like we were on the waiting list for 3 years, he’s got people on the waiting list now.

So what is the secret to selling such luxury while the market is still in free fall? Here’s just one:

‘Vroom’ revs up women’s interest, Maserati says


How can you use this philosophy?

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