Want to attract more collaboration Dynamos instead of Duds for your beautiful blossoming business?

Joint venture

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One of the things that is almost critical for business success today is being willing and able to collaborate. Whether it’s being a guest blogger or co-hosting a telesummit with a dozen guest speakers, I have a track record of both failure and success. A most successful and rewarding collaboration I partnered in with Monique MacKinnon of Energetic Evolution subsequently led us to co-author eBooks about how to successfully joint venture. Here is the first sneak peak of the eBook, Entrepreneurial Joint Ventures: Psychology + Soul, and a series of posts intended to give you an insider’s tips of knowing how to select who you collaborate with in a project where everyone benefits.

According to Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel, authors of the ‘Ebook Secrets Exposed’ (https://www.ebooksecretsexposed.com), people’s Top 3 (out of 10) most powerful motivators are:
(1) Make money
(2) Save money
(3) Save time

But why do so many entrepreneurs avoid developing joint ventures (JVs), which can positively influence both their bottom lines and facial lines. Allow us to explain, creatively.

Here, I mix and match the six types of entrepreneurial profiles with the six types of commitment issues. Take a good look at the brief descriptions below and determine which one best describes you, and how you can attract more JV Dynamos instead of JV Duds to your beautiful blossoming business.

1. The Adventurer: You’re a natural risk taker who is very adept at exploring new ideas and markets.

Attract JV Duds: Your habit of being in overdrive and thinking about the future can at times impair your creativity and judgment about who a good match would be for you. Since you enjoy being on an adrenalin high, you tend to spring for partners who are unavailable, overly dramatic, or inappropriate. This habit keeps you stuck in the cycle of attracting short-term partnerships that over time suck the life out of you and your business. Plus, because you prize your personal freedom, you fear losing it. Even just the thought of living a boxed-in life makes you gag. Why else did you become self-employed anyways? What does freedom mean, specifically working solo… that you have liberties that partnerships do not themselves offer? Ah yes, that may be so. However, the grass can be greener – and that includes financially more prosperous – on the other… the JV partnership side. JV partnerships can give you freedom from financial insecurity and worrying about having to do it (your business) all alone. They also allow you to contribute to your target market in a bigger and better way: a perk that the corporate world doesn’t offer. A word of caution, though, this financial security comes only when you first feel emotionally secure… alone, before even venturing into partnerships. The reality is, a healthy and prosperous JV relationship ensues when both parties come together to create an exponentially powerful outcome. It’s not like the Jerry Macguire movie, where Renee Zellweger romantically reveals the following to Tom Cruise: “You complete me.”

Does The Adventurer sound like you? If it does, you’ll want to stay tuned for the part about Attracting JV Dynamos to complete this style.

If you are an Adventurer, what do you do to attract the more successful collaboration partners?

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